50th Birthday Slogans

50th birthday slogans
You're not trying to rub it in are you?!

Important birthdays like the big 5 - 0 are special. These neat 50th birthday quotes are perfect for cards, invitations, banners, t shirts and speeches.

Well you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity would you!

Still Nifty at Fifty


Fifty - I demand a recount

Tell me its not true. It cant be so. <> has reached the big 5-0!

I can't believe you're 50…..49 maybe but never 50!

50!!!……………How the hell did you get that old?

What a classic you only get better with age!

At 50 you still have the body of a God……….Buddah!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho its over the hill you go!

50 years old, one owner, missing manual, needs new parts; make offer!

At 50 he's seen it all, done it all………. but can't remember most of it!

More Rusty than Lusty!

Suffers from Clue Deficit Disorder!

Over the hill and on a roll!

After 50 everything that doesn't hurt doesn't work

50 Not out

50 eh…..Why not do something really outrageous on your birthday? Wear your cardigan inside out!

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