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Some people get so worried about putting on a good party. It can seem really daunting and difficult to know where to start. That's where we can help, party planning is easy if you just do a little preparation and be prepared to join in.

Here you will find all sorts of great party themes; something for everyone.

Also included however are all the little insider tips and wrinkles to help your kids party go with a real swing.

All the kids party ideas you will find on these pages are tried and tested on real children.

We know what kids really like and what works.

We have lots of great kids party themes and loads of ideas and party games to make them all real winners.

At the end of the day however a lot of it is down to you. But isn't that part of being a parent?

Don't forget also that planning and preparing decorations and invitations for your party are half the fun.

Its a great way to spend a bit of quality time being creative with your kids and squeeze the maximum juice out of their birthday as possible.

As for the day of the party itself good preparation and a clear plan will see you through. Kids Party Planning - The Basics

kids birthday party ideas

Every one of the kids's party ideas below is broken down into simple clear parts.

  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Costume / Fancy Dress Ideas
  • Kids Party Game Ideas
You can quickly and easily see what is required to put on the best kids party ever!

Complete List Of Kid's Birthday Party Ideas:

Backwards Party Ideas

Batman Party Ideas

Christmas Party Game Ideas (older kids)

Kids Christmas Party Ideas (younger kids)

Circus Party Ideas

Construction Party Ideas

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dora The Explorer Party Ideas

Fairy Party Ideas

Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Indoor Beach Party Ideas

Kids Beach Party Ideas

Outer Space Party Ideas

Peter Pan Party Ideas

Pirate Party Ideas
and...... Pirate Party Food Ideas

Kids Pizza Party Ideas

Princess Party Ideas

Rock Star Party Ideas

Safari Birthday Party Ideas

Scooby Doo Party Ideas

Soccer Party Ideas

Spy Party Ideas

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Ideas

Western Party Ideas

And for more general ideas

Kids Party Food

Fun Party Games (6 years +)

The Hokey Cokey / Hokey Pokey
- The perfect way to end any party

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