Teen Party Ideas

Teen Party Ideas

All the coolest teen party ideas

Really great teen parties can be a difficult juggling act to pull off.

As they get older teenagers want things to be looser and less structured. They also probably don't want the "embarrassment" of Mum and Dad hanging around either!

The trouble is of course that this lack of structure, and teenagers' natural tendency to "slack off" when it comes to getting organised can mean that nothing really happens at a teenager's party at all!

So how can you plan a party that is fun but still cool?

Teen Party Ideas - 2 Point Checklist For Parents:

  • 1. Accept that you might not be wanted / needed - Of course its hard.....of course it seems wrong.....You can after all remember the lovely pirate party you gave him when he was seven etc, etc.....How will they manage.........What if.....Wouldn't they want you to just.....No No No! - I'm afraid they wouldn't.

    Yes it seems ungrateful, yes it seems unfair and - lets be honest here - there's part of you that doesn't want to miss out on any fun..... but you're gonna have to face it. No teenager wants their folks hanging around.

    This doesn't of course mean that you simply leave them to get on with it. Oh no you will still be expected to help fund, prepare and cater for the event! But once you've done all that could you just please keep out of sight??!!!

  • 2. Food.....Sorry that should read FOOD! - In a world of teenage insecurity there is one constant - pizza....and crisps and chips and hot dogs and burgers and chocolate and smoothies (though not too much fruit!) and ice cream and biscuits and.....Plenty of food will not only help feed ravenous teenage appetites but also provide a bit of structure. A bit of focus for those awkward teenage - too old to play - too young to chill moments! Provide plenty it will get eaten!

So there you have it. Not too difficult is it .

~Pay for it !- Do all the work for it! - Keep out of the way during it!~

Nothing personal but you know how it is.....the joys of being a parent!

Seriously though only you can judge your level of involvement. You also have to judge how capable your teenagers are of doing things for themselves.....and the potential consequences of letting them!

Letting your teenager and their friends do it their way is the best strategy. But have a few ground-rules and a few ideas of your own ready too.

The best mission statement for a parent at a teen party is-

Be around
Be in the background
Be prepared

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