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All the best Kids Christmas Party Game Ideas
These Christmas Capers are full of Ho, Ho, Ho!

Everyone enjoys a good party at Christmas but its always extra special for children.

There is no need to get too stressed out however planning a Kids Christmas Party.

The Christmas party game ideas below are simple and fun - Like all the best party ideas should be!

Kids Christmas Party Invitations

There are all sorts of neat Christmas invitations you can design and make.

Classic card invites would include:

  • Snowmen
  • Santa's
  • Rudolph
  • Xmas Stockings
  • Snowflakes
  • Sleighs

The colours of Christmas are RED and GREEN so try to include them in your invitation design and text.

Do try to involve your children in the fun. Making invitations can be an easy way of spending some quality time with your kids. It also is a great way to really put everyone in a Christmassy mood. Depending on the age of your kids cut out blank templates for them to follow or colour in.

Tip : You can use computer address labels with all the party details, venue, date and times as a quick way of adding all the important info inside without writing it out each time.

Kids Christmas Party Decorations

It is likely that your home or venue will already be decorated with plenty of Christmassy bits and pieces. For a great Kids Christmas Party it is always worth adding to the effect however. A kids party is no place for subtle design - whats needed is plenty of over-the-top Christmas Bling!

Use construction paper and card to draw or make plenty of Santas, snowmen and other suitably festive characters to adorn the walls. Paper snowflakes can hang from the ceiling.

Don't forget the Christmas tree! This can be real or made of green card.

Plenty of Christmas tinsel, streamers and balloons will finish off the venue beautifully.

Lollipop Tree - this can easily be made from a styrofoam cone (florists or craft supply stores) with lollies stuck in all over.

Kids Christmas Party Game Ideas

Christmas party games are good fun and easy to organise. The trick is to keep things simple.

Its actually really easy to give all your party favourites a Christmas twist.

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Popcorn Garlands
~Make a pop-tactic Christmas garland for the tree!~

Stringing popcorn is a traditional activity at Christmas parties. It makes a neat little ice-breaker activity as your guests arrive.

All you need are some darning needles threaded with reasonably strong cotton or thin string and some large bowls of popcorn. Allow plenty of corn as not all of it will make it onto the strings!

Turn the strings of popcorn into neat tree decorations.

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Decorate A Christmas Cookie
~Ice, Ice Baby!~

In advance prepare a blank cookie for every guest.

These should be in the shape of:

Christmas Cookie Game

  • Santas
  • Snowmen
  • Christmas Trees
  • Stars
or anything else suitably festive.

Have each cookie on a paper plate.

Provide plenty of quick drying icing and other decorations, sweets and baubles.

Then stand back and let the young "pattissiers" design their works of artistic genius!

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Wrap A Child
~Just what you want to find under your tree on Christmas morning!~

This is one of those Christmas party game ideas that is as simple as it sounds.

Divide your kids into 2 teams.

Each team selects one of their number to be wrapped.

Provide each group with plenty of cheap gift-wrap, ribbon and sticky tape.

They have 2 minutes to wrap their gift-person.

It is better to wrap legs individually so the present can still walk.

After you call time get the 2 "presents" in the middle for judging and photographs.

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Christmas Tree Forfeits
~If you want a present from the tree you have to do a forfeit~

This is a nice quieter activity and a good way of giving out little gifts.

What you need:

Prepare in advance a number of forfeits either with folded card or in little envelopes, each with a number clearly displayed.

You need a forfeit for each child and they should be appropriate for the age of the group.

Good forfeits might be:

  • Sing the first 2 lines from a Christmas Carol
  • Tell a joke
  • Do a cartwheel
  • Do an impression
  • Kiss Grandma under the mistletoe
  • Wear a Santa hat and beard and say "Ho, Ho, Ho!"
  • Skip around the room like a reindeer
  • Put an orange on your head and walk around the room
  • Hands behind your back just using your teeth find the sweet in a bowl of jelly
  • Be wrapped up like a Christmas present with paper and ribbon

You can probably think of plenty more. You can always have more than one of the best ideas.

The forfeits are placed on a Christmas tree (either real or stuck to a card one on the wall) and in turn the children choose.

Only when they have undertaken their forfeit do they get a present.

Make sure you milk the moment as each forfeit is revealed and give a big cheer to each person as they submit to their forfeit.

Tip: You may have some shy kids who are simply not comfortable with forfeits. Have a few prepared christmas jokes that you can give them to read out instead.

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Present Tug Of War
~The team that gets the present wins the sweets~

Be in no doubt - Kids, both girls and boys, love tug of war. Give it a Christmas twist by tying a small present (or a strip of Christmas tinsel) to the middle of the rope.

Winning lines should be marked on the floor each side about 1.5metres from the mid point of the rope.

Divide your kids into 2 equal teams and position bigger children towards the back of the line.

"1 - 2 - 3 Heave!"

The team that pulls the present over their winning line all get a sweet.

Re-jig your teams and repeat as many times as you like

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Indoor Snowball Fight
~Send the snowballs back as quick as you can or risk the big freeze!~

This is a fast and furious game and one of those Christmas party game ideas probably more suitable for larger venues.

You need to make some indoor snowballs. These can take various forms.

  • Stuffed and knotted white sports socks,
  • Hankerchief size squares of white material (buy an old sheet from a charity/thrift store) wrapped around balls of newspaper and secured with a knot or rubber band
  • Woolen poms-poms made from winding wool onto card rings

Place two ropes (or mark with tape) on the floor about 3metres apart.

Divide the kids into 2 teams and position each behind one of the lines.

Distribute the snowballs.

When you say "Go" each team must throw their snowballs across the divide to the other side.

No-one must cross the rope barrier.

The aim is not necessarily to hit your opponents but, surprise surprise, it does happen quite a lot. The important thing however is to get as many snowballs as possible into your opponents half. The kids continue to pick up snowballs and hurl them back at their opponents as fast as they can.

After 1 minute you shout "1- 2- 3 - Freeze"

Everyone must stand quite still while you count up the snowballs on each side of the lines including any in people's hands.

The team with the least snowballs their side wins.

Repeat as many times as you like.

Tip: You may like to impose a penalty for anyone who throws a ball after the command to freeze.

Kids Christmas party game ideas

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Double Gift Wrap
~They say many hands make light work!~

This is a good fun game for older kids.

What you need:

  • Suitably sized boxes ie shoe boxes small cereal packets or tupperware type boxes
  • Cheap gift wrap
  • Sticky tape
  • Ribbon
  • Gift tags
  • Scarves or strips of material.

Divide your children into pairs.

Sit each pair on the floor next to each other. Have them put their touching arms behind them. You then tie these together so they are behind the couple and cannot be used.

Each pair is then given a gift (box) to wrap along with paper, tape and ribbon.

Tip: Its best to have small strips of tape cut and stuck to the back of a chair in front of each couple. Be prepared to add more as needed.

On your command each pair have about 2 minutes to work together with their free hands only to wrap their box as best they can adding ribbon and a gift tag saying Merry Xmas if possible.

Judge when to stop by progress or lack of it being made.

Count down to stop work now.

Now for judging.

You need to really make the most of this and milk the moment. Hold up each effort in turn and ask the crowd what they think!

Praise the good efforts and tease those who have produced dog's dinners.

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Sleigh Race Relay
~Dashing through the snow…..!~

Christmas party games

This is pretty much as you might expect. You need a slightly larger venue with a non carpet floor.

First you need to make some sleighs. You could of course use the real thing if you had a couple. If not old tea trays, large plastic or wooden storage boxes, bread or fruit crates or anything similar can be adapted. Anything big enough for one child to ride on.

Attach a rope to the front of each sleigh. This should be as long as the course.

Divide the children into teams.

At one end of the room have a bucket of Candy Canes (or something else such as dummy presents, Christmas crackers, Christmas stockings)

In turn each member of the team needs to run with the sleigh up to the bucket unravelling the rope as they go. The rest of the team must stay behind the start line.

When they reach the bucket the runners have to grab a cane and climb on to the sleigh. Their team will then pull them home as quickly as possible.

Then the next team member goes etc

Run the race as a relay until all team members have a candy cane.

Winners are the first team sitting down with their canes held above their heads.

Tip: An adult helper for each team to help marshall and organise their efforts is a good plan with this game.

Variation: You could also have the sleighs pulled on shorter ropes by small teams of "reindeer" selected from the team members. What an opportunity for painting Rudolph red noses and putting on deleey-bopper antlers!

Christmas Party Game Ideas - Snowface
~Now that's what I call flour power!~

This game is a bit messy so probably best at the end of your party. It works best with about 8 kids so you may like to divide your party in 2 or more

What you need for each group:

  • A small mixing bowl
  • A bag of flour
  • A tray
  • A bag of sweets such as wine gums, jelly babies or sweets in non foil wrappers
  • A blunt knife
  • A set of swimming or other goggles

Tip the flour into the mixing bowl filling it right to the top.

Press down hard on the flour and top up as necessary.

Turn the bowl upside down on the tray.

Carefully remove the bowl leaving a firm little mound of compacted flour.

Position 2-3 sweets on top of the mound

The children then take turns to slice off the edges of the flour mound with the knife.

The more they cut away the more precarious the sweets in the middle.

Carry on until it collapses.

Whoever was holding the knife when it does then has to find a sweet

The thing is they have to do this with their teeth!

They put on the goggles and, as everyone cheers, plunge their face into the flour.

Hopefully when they re-surface they will have a sweet in their teeth.

They will also have a very white floury face which looks even funnier when they take off the goggles!

You can start from scratch again but the reality is most of the kids will want to have a go. Simply re-build a mound in the middle that contains sweets and let them all have a try.

Kids Christmas Party Ideas

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