Dora The Explorer Party Ideas

Dora The Explorer
Party Ideas

Discover the best Dora The Explorer party ideas
And turn your Dora birthday party into a real adventure!

Dora The Explorer is one of the most popular animated kids characters in the world.

Dora is a fearless young girl who loves to go off on trips and adventures with best friend Boots the Monkey, helping everyone they meet along the way.

Dora makes a great kids birthday party theme and is a popular choice of party for children between 4 and 8 years old.

Dora The Explorer Party Invitations

Dora loves to go on exciting adventures. Your invitations should therefore be an invitation to come along and join in the fun on an expedition.

This could take the form of a Ticket to Adventure. Another idea would be to create an invitation in the style of the magic Map who helps guide Dora through all her adventures. Draw a map to your house adding some pictures from the show. In one corner put all your party invitation details. Map is usually rolled up not folded so you may need to hand-deliver your invitations.

Dora The Explorer Party Decorations

Decorate your venue with brightly coloured streamers and balloons. Purple, dark yellow and green match the show best.

Buy or download and print pictures of the show's main characters:

  • Dora
  • Boots the monkey
  • Isa the iguana
  • Backpack
  • Map
  • The Fiesta Trio
  • Tico the squirrel
  • Benny the bull
  • Swiper the sneaky fox

Put these up around your venue

You may like to recreate the Spooky Forest where many of Dora's adventures take place. Hang green streamers from the ceiling and make frondy, jungly trees from green construction paper.

Dora The Explorer Party Costume Ideas

Dora The Explorer Costume

These are easy just simple safari gear for boys and girls.

Dora costume ideas- Dora usually wears just a t shirt, shorts, a watch and of course has her special backpack.

Another option is to have an explorer T shirt made for all the guests to wear and take home with them.

Dora The Explorer Party Games

All your Dora party games should revolve around exploring and adventures. Both Dora and her great friend Boots the monkey enjoy having a lot of fun as well.

Dora The Explorer Party Games - Magic Map

Dora The Explorer Party Games

Everyone needs a map to find the treasure

Dora uses her magic map on all her adventures. In advance prepare a map of your venue or garden.

As the children arrive have them add a sticker with their initials to a spot they fancy on the map.

The child closest to a pre-ordained lucky spot wins.

Alternatively whilst the children are busy with other activities an adult helper you could hide sweets and treats at the various locations the children have marked. A treasure hunt then takes place each child in turn searching in their spot for the treasure.

Amazingly everyone finds something at exactly the spot they marked on the map!

How on earth did that happen? - It must be magic!

Dora The Explorer Party Games - Boots The Monkey Relay Race

Its difficult to be nimble when you've got your boots on

Dora's best friend Boots the Monkey loves his big red boots and turning somersaults.

In advance you need to prepare 2 pairs of big boots. Old work-boots purchased from a thrift store or car boot sale are perfect as are old wellingtons. Paint them red.

Divide your kids up into 2 teams and have them compete in a relay race wearing the boots. If they are older children add a few obstacles and have them perform a somersault (head over heels or cartwheel) just like Boots at a certain part of the course.

As each child finishes the next puts on the boots and takes off.

First whole team to finish wins.

Dora the Explorer Party Games - Dora's Puzzle

Dora Party Games Puzzle

Can you put Dora and her friends back together again?

Download or buy some pictures of Dora and her friends. These should be about A4 size(30cms x 20cms approx). Stick each picture onto different coloured card.

Cut those pictures carefully into 6 pieces.

Hide the cut pictures around your venue.

Divide the children into teams of 2 or 3. Tell them the colour card they must search for.

On "Go" the kids rush off to search for card pieces in their colour. They must leave any other pieces they find alone.

The first team to collect all their pieces and build a picture wins.

Dora The Explorer Party Games - Swiper The Fox

Can you catch that naughty fox?

Swiper is a naughty fox in the show who just loves to swipe things.

Have all the children sit in a large spaced out circle facing inwards.

Every child is given a bean bag / sock / craft feather which they place on their head.

One child is selected to be Swiper (if you had a blue mask and gloves for them to wear like the real Swiper so much the better)

Swiper then slowly walks around the circle behind the children's backs before suddenly swiping the object from the top of someone's head.

Swiper then runs off around the circle. The person who has had their object swiped jumps up and chases the pesky fox around the outside of the circle.

If Swiper completes his circuit (and he should) before getting caught he jumps into the vacant place in the circle.

The chasing child now becomes Swiper and the process is repeated. If the swiped items are piled in the middle this ensures that every child will have a turn and be swiped eventually.

Dora The Explorer Party Games - The Search For Boots

Help Dora find Boots

This game involves a bit of preparation but is good fun and the kids will love it

Boots has got lost in the Spooky Forest and your team of explorers have to solve clever clues to follow the trail and find him.

In advance you need to prepare a series of card clues in small envelopes that you conceal around your venue. Each clue tells where to look for the next until finally Boots is found. You need to adjust the difficulty of your clues and how thoroughly you conceal the envelopes depending on the age of your kids. If possible and safe to do so do not restrict your trail just to your house but try to incorporate outdoor areas too. You will probably have some adult helpers accompany the clue hunters anyway.

About 10 clues makes for a good trail.

Here is an example for your to adapt:

  • Clue 1 - Where hands and faces are kept clean another clue will soon be seen. ( next clue is in the bathroom)
  • Clue 2 - Where people lie down and close their eyes to find another clue would be no surprise (next clue is in the bedroom)
  • Clue 3 - Where meals are made and people cook perhaps you ought to take a look (next clue is in the kitchen)
  • Clue 4 - The next clue isn't very far perhaps its found where we park the car (next clue is in the garage)
  • Clue 5 - If the next clue you want to know then its to an old person you should go (next clue is somewhere on or near Grandma)
  • Clue 6 - This mystery still does not make sense the next clues by the garden fence (next clue back in the garden)
  • Clue 7 - You're doing well now here's a sign -You're getting closer all the Time!!! (the next clue is behind a clock)
  • Clue 8 - You're getting nearer, nearly all the clues are gone but where do you turn a square box on? (next clue is in the TV room)
  • Clue 9 - Where autumn leaves fall upon the ground another clue will surely be found (next clue is under the trees in the garden)
  • Clue 10 - Still not found Boots, but hope you've had fun now please return to where this puzzle first begun
The kids will then rush back to the start point where Boots (use a soft toy monkey in a pair of red boots) is hidden!

There are all sorts of variations you can do on this basic idea. A lot of it depends on the size and age of your kids. The clues could also be photographs of various locations around your venue. Each photo showing where to go next

For older kids each clue could also contain a letter which when put together and unscrambled reveal a secret location or answer to a puzzle.

Dora the Explorer Party Games - Pass The Backpack

Dora's magic Backpack is the key to this fun game

What you need:

  • 2 kids backpacks (purple if possible)

Divide your kids up into 2 teams. Have the teams line up as if they were about to walk single file.

The first child in each team has to put on their team's backpack.

On "Go" they run to the end of your course where they grab a ball / beanbag / soft toy or something similar. The object must be put in the rucksack.

They then run back to their team who should all stand with their legs apart. The first explorer dives down and crawls through the tunnel made by their legs.

On reaching the other end they quickly stand up and remove the backpack. This is then passed to the front of the line either overhead or back through the legs, or by going over then under in turn. When it reaches the front the next explorer puts it on, races off and repeats the process. The original child takes their place now at the back of the line.

This process is repeated until the whole team have completed the course and the original explorer has once more come to the front of the line.

The first team to sit down with the backpack on the floor in front of them is the winner

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