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Easter is a Christian festival that is celebrated all around the world. Some of the ways it is celebrated however have their roots in a variety of older, pagan, springtime celebrations.

The very word Easter comes from the name "Eastre" or "Eostre" who was once believed to be the goddess of light and Spring.

Having a party based on an Easter theme is always popular, whether sharing the fun with family, or friends.

Easter Eggs- a symbol of new life, and the Easter Bunny- a symbol of spring, are the 2 key elements of any good Easter party.

Easter Party Invitations

Making Easter invitations is a great thing to do with your kids.

All sorts of designs are possible depending on how "arty" and "crafty" you want to be.

Use cookie cutters and stencils to design cards based on Easter Eggs (and chicks) and Easter Bunnies

A few funny phrases for your invitations

For eggy invites:

  • You are egg-spected at 3pm
  • We're planning an egg-citing party
  • No eggs-ageration this party is going to rock
  • This party is going to be egg-cellent
  • This party is going to be egg-ceptional
  • We are the party egg-sperts
  • For egg-stra fun

For bunny hoppers:

  • Hop on over
  • Join the Easter Bunny at
  • Are you an Easter Bun that like to have Fun?
  • It will be even more funny if you dress like a bunny!
  • Join us for Party Fun with the Easter Bun

Easter Party Decorations

Easter decorations are easy. Once more its Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies and Chicks.

Get busy with the paints and construction paper and card.

Hanging card Easter Eggs from trees outside or from the ceiling looks good.

Any soft toy bunnies your kids may have can be turned into useful props. Position them in artistic poses around your venue.

Baskets of gaily painted eggs or Easter party favors make great centrepieces.

If you can persuade an adult to dress up as the Easter Bunny you are going to have a lot of fun.

Easter Bonnet Parade

Easter Activities

A common feature of a great Easter Party is The Easter Parade.

Children love to create unusual hats and bonnets before taking part in a parade.

Provide dressing up hats or a whole table of craft pieces and scraps of material where people may make their own cool Easter Bonnets.

Easter Bonnet

Easter Party Games

On the whole pretty much any traditional party game can be adapted or given a twist for Easter.

How about:

Easter Egg And Spoon

A simple egg and spoon race can be worked in a number of different ways.

Try these variations:

  • Big Easter Eggs on big (cooking) spoons
  • Tiny foil covered chocolate eggs on teaspoons
  • Two spoons, two eggs at once.
  • Egg and spoon obstacle course

Run your egg and spoon races as simple contests or team relays.

If you are using real chocolate eggs they can of course be kept at the end.

Pass The Egg Relay

This is a fun race for two or more teams.

What you need:

  • A small plastic spoon for everyone
  • A number of small chocolate eggs.
  • A small bucket or bowl for each team

Line your teams up.

Everyone holds their spoon handle in their teeth.

An adult helper then pops an egg on the first person's spoon. They have to turn and transfer it to the spoon of the next person (no hands allowed). In this way the egg works its way along the line, the last person drops it in their team's bowl.

The winners are the ones to shift all their eggs first or the ones with the most eggs in their bowl after a set time.

Tip: The best technique for transfer is to have the egg-giver stand and the receiver on their knees and sort of slowly work the egg off from above onto the bottom spoon

Musical Bunny Holes
Easter Party Games This is a simple version of musical chairs. Have a number of bunny holes made out of painted card or cut from old carpet lined out along your venue.

The children (its even cuter if you have them wearing Easter Bunny Ears) bunny hop and dance around the course as music plays. But when the music stops they have to dive down (sit upon) the nearest rabbit hole.

The child who can't find a hole in time is out (but perhaps rewarded with a chocolate). Start again but remove a rabbit hole each time until you arrive at a "Super Bunny"

Tip: Beware of rabbit holes moving under the feet of excited bunnies. Use rubber backed carpet or blue tack on slippery surfaces.

Egg Rolling

Egg rolling is one of those traditional Easter party games that can be worked in a number of different ways.

You may like to hard boil a number of eggs in advance. It is a lot easier than clearing up a mess.

Have the children decorate the eggs with felt tip pens.

If you wanted you could get them to do this in advance and bring a decorated "Racing Egg" to the party.

These could be judged by a panel of "eggs-perts" before the races commenced.

The actual egg races depend on your location.

If outside rolling across a lawn or down a hillside is traditional.

If inside a simple course can be devised.

For extra fun why not have your rollers only be allowed to touch / roll their egg with a sausage shaped balloon.

Egg Toss

This is one for older kids and teenagers but is a lot of fun if you have space outside.

Divide people into pairs and position them about 3 metres apart.

They simply have to throw the egg between them carefully catching it each time.

At every successful catch they step back 1metre.

This starts off being easy but as the gap increases catching the egg becomes more difficult, and risky!

You will however find a few couples who can achieve quite long distances.

Continue until the last egg is dropped or broken.

Easter Egg Hunts (And Some Variations)

A traditional part of nearly every Easter party is an Easter Egg Hunt.

Every child is given a basket and sent off to find small eggs, chocolates, candies and other trinkets previously hidden around the house, hall or garden.

You can vary this in a number of ways.

Easter Games

  • Rainbow Eggs - Hide particular colours of eggs. Tell the children that they must collect 1 egg of each colour for instance red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange. Once they have one colour they must not touch any other eggs of that colour they see. When they have the full set they must come back to the start. The first to manage it wins an extra prize.

  • Spelling Eggs - Rather than chocolate prepare card eggs in different colours. Each egg has a letter on it spelling a particular word. Working in teams the children have to find all the eggs of their teams colour and then work out what their word is. For instance they might find eight blue eggs which spell the name of a kids TV Show. You may like to give some clues depending on the age of the kids.

  • Mosaic Eggs - Draw a large Easter Egg on a sheet of card. Colour it in and fill it with regular patterns such as stripes and other geometric designs. Repeat using different coloured card. Cut the eggs out and into a number of pieces (6-10) depending on the ages of the kids. Hide these as normal. Teams then have to find all the parts of their egg (each team being given a colour to collect). When they have all their parts they have to put their egg back together again.

Easter Egg Pinata

This is a great way to finish your Easter Party.

You can easily make an Easter Egg Pinata.

Take a balloon and before (or during) inflating add small sweets or toys. Add a strong piece of string to the snozzle of the balloon as you tie it off.

Add papier machee to the inflated balloon slowly building up the layers. When dry, paint the last layer of paper in bright colours.

Hang the Easter Egg Pinata from the ceiling or safe place outside.

Have the kids bash it in turn with a stick until it breaks and the sweets drop to the ground. This results in a mad scramble of children desperate to grab as many of the fallen sweets as possible.

Note: Beware of kids with sticks! Keep all other children well away from the area until it is their turn. Be careful as well of the excited hitter letting go of the stick. A loop on the top slipped over the wrist of the hitter can help prevent flying sticks hitting anyone.

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