Peter Pan Party Ideas

Peter Pan Party Ideas

Take a fun trip to Neverland
With a brilliant Peter Pan party!

The exciting story of Peter Pan, the mischievous boy who never grows up has been a children's favourite for generations.

Peter lives in Neverland and spends his life in never-ending adventures.

With its cast of interesting characters and constant action and adventure, Peter Pan also makes a great theme for a kid's party.

Peter Pan Party Invitations

These are pretty straight forward.

An invitation to join Peter Pan for a Birthday Party in Neverland.

You may like to draw a map of Neverland on your invitation including perhaps a picture of your house and its address.

For extra fun your guests could also learn to fly to the party. Why not include a small bag of fairy dust (glitter or sparkly confetti) with the invitation. Guests then have to sprinkle themselves as they leave for the party. If they are traveling by car then they should perhaps sprinkle that too!

Directions are easy -

Think happy thoughts
And take second star to the right
Then straight on 'til morning!

Peter Pan Party Decorations

There are lots of ways you can make your party venue look like Neverland.

All the usual treasure island bits and pieces are easy enough. Use construction paper to make forests and pirate galleons. Have a sign on the door saying

Welcome to Neverland

Download and print pictures from the internet of all the main characters. There are plenty to choose from:

  • Peter Pan
  • Wendy
  • John
  • Michael
  • Nana
  • Tinkerbell
  • Lost Boys
  • Tiger Lily
  • Captain Hook
  • Smee
  • The Crocodile

Put the posters up around your venue for a great Neverland feel.

Peter Pan Party Games

Peter Pan party games are not difficult and its petty easy to give many traditional kids party games a Peter Pan twist.

Peter Pan Party Games - Musical Statues With Captain Hook

~Be still now or he'll find you out for sure~
Peter Pan Party Hook

This is a Neverland take on the common game Musical Statues.

The children dance around to music.

Of course you will be there demonstrating some great Peter Pan dance moves!

How about:

  • The Lost Boy Lambada
  • The Wendy Waltz
  • The Tinkerbell Twist

When the music stops you shout Captain Hook!

Everyone must remain still as a statue.

Captain Hook (an adult helper / Dad) strides onto the dance floor.

Have them wearing a pirate hat, painted or false moustache and false hook.

Captain Hook then strides around checking for Peter Pan. No one must move a muscle.

When he gives up his hunt the music starts again and the whole thing is repeated.

Get your Captain Hook to really act it up - glaring at the children and trying to get them to giggle or move.

Tip: Some people play this game with any kids who move having to sit out. We think its better played for fun and everyone stays in all the time.

Peter Pan Party Games - Crocodile's Coming!

~Cross the water quickly or you'll be snapped up for a Crocodile's breakfast!~

The pirate crew and particularly Captain Hook live in constant fear of The Crocodile. In this game their ship has been sunk and they have to make their way to the lifeboats. But are they big enough?!

What you need:

  • 2 Old bits of carpet / mats / cardboard - These should be cut to a size where they are a bit too small for half the children to stand on.
  • 4 Pictures of stepping stones A4 (30 x 20cms approx) - These should be on card or laminated.

Divide your kids into 2 crews. The carpets are the lifeboats and are placed at one end of the room.

The teams are at the other. One by one the children have to make their way to the lifeboat but they must only use the stepping stones (2 per team) to stand on. They must stand on one stone whilst moving the other forward then hopping on to it. If they tread in the "water " The Crocodile will get them. In this way they make their way across to the life boat and jump onboard.

The stepping stones are returned (by an adult helper) to the next in line who immediately start to make their own way across.

The lifeboat rapidly fills up and you should end up with the kids all clinging onto each other to stay onboard. This can be very funny and results in a lot of laughter.

The first team with all their crew aboard is the winner.

Tips - Attaching a small loop of string or plastic cable tie to the stepping stone cards makes them easier to move. If the kids are younger you may like to have an adult helper for each team moving the stones for them.

Peter Pan Crocodile

Peter Pan Party Games - Musical Neverlands

~Fly quickly when the music stops or you might never find Neverland!~

This is really a version of musical chairs.

What you need:

  • A cushion or small mat (try carpet shops for old samples) for each child
  • Some Invisible Magic Fairy Dust!!!

Your cushions or mats are little Neverlands. Arrange them in an oval or two lines in the middle of your room.

Gather all the children and ask them if they know how to fly like Peter?.

Of course they won't be able to do this properly until they say that they "Believe in Fairies" whereupon you sprinkle them with the Invisible Magic Fairy Dust!

It is little touches like this that will make your party special.

As music plays your children, who can now all magically fly (its good stuff that dust!), flit around the Neverlands. Make sure they are all flying in the same direction - You don't want any Peter Pan Pile Ups!

When the music stops they have to drop down onto the nearest Neverland. When the music starts they can start flying again.

After a few goes for practice remove a Neverland each time. The child who can't find a Neverland becomes a Lost Boy and has to sit at the side until a winner is found.

Peter Pan Party Games - Peter's Feather

~Peter has lost the feather from his hat. Can you blow it back to him?~

What you need:

  • A light fluffy feather for each child. ( You can buy great packs of coloured feather from craft supply and toy shops).
  • 2 Pictures of Peter Pan's head wearing his hat without a feather.
  • Sticky tape

Divide you children into 2 teams and hand out the feathers.

One by one they must blow their feathers to the wall at the opposite end of the room.

This can be done in 2 ways:

  • Using balloon or bicycle pumps
  • Using a newspaper to fan the feather along (like in the traditional party game flap the fish)

When they reach the end they pick up their feather and stick it to Peter's hat using the sticky tape.

They then run back to their team and the next person goes.

The hat will end up with feathers stuck all over it.

The first team to puff all their feathers to the other end and stick them on Peter's hat wins.

Variation: If you were "crafty" you could make 2 Peter Pan hats from folded green construction paper. One child in each team could then be nominated as Peter and sit at the end of the course wearing one waiting for feathers to be added.

Tip -This game works best with plenty of adult help both in keeping feathers on track and with sticking them on the hat.

Peter Pan Party Games - Captain Hook and The Pirate Crew

~Follow his orders or he'll feed you to the fishes!~

Peter Pan Pirate Ship

Captain Hook (an adult helper in a pirate hat) is training his crew.

You will need to demonstrate the action for each order. The crew all stand in lines in front of him and must follow his instructions:

  • Hoist the mainsail - everyone mimes hoisting a sail
  • Look to port - everyone shades their eyes nautical fashion and looks to the left
  • Look to starboard - everyone shades their eyes and looks to the right
  • Climb the rigging - everyone climbs the imaginary rigging
  • Scrub the decks - everyone drops to their knees and gets busy with an imaginary scrubbing brush
  • Fire the cannon - everyone loads a cannonball, lights a fuse, puts their hands over their ears and shouts "BANG"
  • Walk the plank - everyone counts as they take steps forward "1 - 2 - 3 - 4 SPLASH!"
  • Crocodiles Coming! - everyone shrieks "Help" and runs anywhere where they can jump off-ground

You can easily add to this list.

Have Captain Hook train his crew calling out the instructions in any order as many times as is still funny.

What makes the kids laugh most is when the instructions start coming faster and faster and they struggle to keep up - Much to the Captain's fury!

Tip: Having an adult helper planted in the crew is a good way of reminding the kids of the action for each command.

There are lots more pirate games on our Pirate Party Ideas Page

Peter Pan Party Games - Lost Boy Limbo

~Finish your party by following the leader~

Line your kids up in a circle all facing the back of the Lost Boy in front.

Start some bounce-along music. You could actually play the Following The Leader song

This is a simple game of following the leader. Call out the name of the leader to copy. As the children dance and skip around the circle the leader performs actions that everyone should copy. Change the leader every so often.

When you have done this a few times introduce a Limbo pole held by 2 adult helpers.

Adjust its height depending on the child dancing under it.

Don't worry too much about correct Limbo technique. Gradually drop the pole lower and lower until you end up with a heap of Lost Boys on the floor!

Did you have a great Peter Pan Party?
Tell us all about it.
We will include all the best ideas on these pages.

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