Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Ideas

Totally Terrific Tinkerbell Birthday Party Ideas
Just add small girls and a pinch of magic pixie dust!

Tinkerbell is the mischievous sprite who usually accompanies Peter Pan and his friends on their adventures.

She also gets up to plenty of tricks when she's off on her own.

A particular favourite of young girls who like their fairies with a bit of attitude! - A Tinkerbell Party is a popular choice for a party theme.

Tinkerbell Invitations

These should feature our favourite fairy very prominently.

It is easy to download plenty of images of Tinkerbell from the internet and incorporate them into your designs.

Its also fun to have a craft afternoon with your daughter and get busy with the felt tip pens and sticky tape.

You may like to set up your invitation as a trip to Never Land - Tinkerbell's home

Tip - Print out the party details in a nice fairy font. You will probably be able to to fit several little text boxes with these in on a sheet of A4 paper. Cut them out and stick them into your invitation saving you time to concentrate on the arty stuff.

Tinkerbell Party Decorations

Download and print plenty of pictures of Tinkerbell and her friends. You might also like to design a poster map of the magical island Never land.

Plenty of green, white and yellow streamers and balloons will all add to the fun.

On the door you could have a big Welcome to Never Land poster and have your invited fairies pass through some netting and crepe paper streamers into the enchanted and magical world of your party.

As your guests arrive turn each one into a Tinkerbell by tying a small bell (available from sewing supply stores) on a ribbon or thong around their wrist. Sprinkle them with magic fairy dust (glitter or confetti).

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

Tinkerbell and her friends are definitely fairies who like to have fun.

Many normal kids party games can easily be given a "Tinkerbell Twist".

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games - Musical Neverlands
~Fly quickly when the music stops or you might never land in Never Land!~

This is really a version of musical islands.

What you need:

  • A cushion or small mat (try carpet shops for old samples) for each child)
  • Some Invisible Magic Fairy Dust!!!

Your cushions or mats are little Never Lands. Arrange them in an oval or two lines in the middle of your room.

Gather all the children and ask them if they believe in fairies and know how to fly like Tinkerbell?.

( Of course they wont be able to do this properly until you sprinkle them with the Invisible Magic Fairy Dust!)

When they say yes sprinkle them with the special invisible powder. It is little touches like this that will make your party special.

The music starts and your children who can now all magically fly (its really good stuff that fairy dust!) flit around the Never Lands. Make sure they are all flying in the same direction - You dont want any Tinkerbumping!

When the music stops they have to drop down onto the nearest Never Land. When the music starts they can start flying again.

After a few goes for practice remove a Never Land each time. The child who cant find a Never Land becomes a lost fairy and has to sit at the side until a winner is found.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games - Wandering Star
~Can you put the magic back in Tink's wand~
Tinkerbell Party This is a Tinkerbell variation of "pin the tail".

You need a large poster, or painting if you are arty, of Tinkerbell.

Give each child a sparkly star sticker (available from stationers and craft stores).

They initial their star and then take turns to be blindfolded and place their star where they think it should go on the picture.

Nearest star to the real on wins a prize.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games - Musical Statues With Captain Hook
~Be still now or he'll find you out for sure!~

This is a Never Land take on the common party game Musical Statues.

The young Tinkerbells dance around to music. Of course you will be there demonstrating some great Tinkerbell dance moves!

How about:

  • The Funky Fairy
  • The Fairy Fandango
  • The Flitterbug jitterbug
  • The Tinkerbell Twist

When the music stops you shout "CaptainHook!"

Everyone must remain still as a statue.

Captain Hook (an adult helper / Dad) strides onto the dance floor looking menacing.

Have them wearing a pirate hat, painted or false moustache and false hook.

"I hope there were no fairies dancing in here"


Captain Hook then strides around staring at the fairies. No one must move a muscle and not a wing must flutter.

When he gives up and strides off the music starts again and the whole thing is repeated.

Get your Captain Hook to really act it up - glaring at the fairies and trying to get them to giggle or move.

Tip: Some people play this game with any kids who move having to sit out. We think its better played for fun and everyone stays in all the time.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Activities - Make a magic wand
~Every fairy needs a magic wand~

This is an easy thing to do at your Tinkerbell Birthday Party.

You need:

Small thin dowel rods or canes and other art and craft supplies such as glitter, foil, tinsel, stickers, felt tip pens etc all ready to go. You may like to pre-prepare some star shaped card templates for decorating and adding to the end of the wands.

Once you've made your wands don't forget to line up all the fairies and scatter a pinch of magic pixie dust over each one so that they will "work when they get home!"

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games - Find The Magic Ring
~Which Tinkerbell Is Hiding A Secret?~

This is a game that is simple to set up and play. Kids do really love it and it makes a great quieter game for your party.

What you need:

  • A string about 4 m long
  • A ring

Slip the ring on the string and tie the 2 ends together.

The children, either sitting down or standing up all take hold of the string in both hands (palms down as if you were riding a motorbike). Tinkerbell Party The string should be short enough to make a neat small circle. One child holds the ring on the string hidden in their hand.

One child is chosen and stands in the middle. They close their eyes whilst the ring is whizzed around the string a few times.

When the middle child opens their eyes they have to guess who actually has the ring in their hand whilst the others try to fox them with sly swaps both real and pretend.

The person in the middle is allowed 3 tries to find the ring and win a prize.

Repeat until everyone has been the chooser.

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