Backwards Party

Backwards Party Ideas

Back to front and inside out.
A backwards party is crazy fun!

A backwards party is really something a little bit different.

As you might expect everything at this party is back to front, upside down or inside out.

Backwards Invitations

Simply write your invitations backwards

enaJ raeD

yM oT emoC esaelP

ytraP yadhtriB sdrawkcaB

ht42 lirpA taS


Tip - some computer programs (especially graphic programs ) will allow you to flip your words or pictures enabling you to write normally (save as a picture) and flip.

Backwards Decorations

You can have some fun with this.

Start with a big sign on the door saying Party Exit or Good Bye

Your guests should all walk in backwards

Cut out card letters HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hang them up back to front.

Anything you can hang up back to front or the wrong way round do so.

Backwards Fancy dress / Costume

This is easy. The kids will love to wear their normal clothes back to front. Its even worth putting on extra clothes and hats just to create a cool backwards effect.

Backwards Party Tea

Obviously you start with the cake and candles (which usually come at the end) and then work you way back to jelly and ice cream before sandwiches, cocktail sausages and crisps.

And as for happy birthday to you-

You To Birthday Happy
You To Birthday Happy
Emily Dear Birthday Happy
You To Birthday Happy

Backwards Party Games

Games for a backward party are really easy. You simply turn around your old favourites. Children will love the novelty of all these:

  • Backwards Egg and Spoon Race

    Simply walk backwards carrying your egg on your spoon.

  • Backwards Musical Statues

    When the music plays you must stand still as a statue anyone who moves is out. The minute the music stops you all have to dance around.

  • Backwards Musical Chairs

    Line your chairs up in the middle as normal one for each child less one. When the music starts the children have to walk backwards around the chairs. When it stops they have to jump on the nearest chair as normal. The child with no chair is out.

  • Backwards Pass The Parcel

    Kids adore this. Start with a small toy or bag of sweets. This is passed around the circle and when the music stops the first child is handed a sheet of wrapping paper / newspaper and has to quickly wrap the present.

    This is then passed around until the music stops again when a second sheet is added by another child. This continues with other children adding more and more sheets. You end up with a fully wrapped parcel which is won by the very last child.

    Tip a bit of adult assistance might be needed to speed up the wrapping process. Having some sticky tape cut ready or using elastic bands is a good plan. The finished article will not look pristine!

  • The Backwards Shirt Race

    What you need:

    • 2 baggy old men's shirts.

    Divide your children into 2 teams and line them up.

    Put the shirts on the first 2 kids. They then hold both the hands of the next child to form an arch.

    An adult helper then pulls the shirt up over the head of the first child and onto the next without them breaking hands.

    The second child ends up wearing the shirt which is now turned inside out.

    That child now holds hands in an arch with child 3 and the process is repeated.

    In this way the shirt makes its way down the line to the end of the line (and back again if you wish). The last child wearing the shirt then sounds a hooter / shouts finished / pops a balloon to win the race.

    !ytrap taerg a evah ouy epoH

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