Circus Party Ideas

Circus Party Ideas

Roll Up! Roll Up! All the best circus party ideas are here.

Circus theme parties are always popular.

But how do you turn your party into "The Greatest Show On Earth!"

Circus Party Invitations

There is that particular type of font that old posters and flyers for circuses and funfairs use.

This looks great on invitations too.

You could do the invite in the form of an Invite to The Circus.

Don't forget to tell them what time the show (your party) starts!

Another good option is to make small round clown faces with all the info on the back. Crazy hair and red noses can make these invitations with a difference.

Circus Party Decorations

You want to try to recreate a big top in your venue?

Not easy.

But the colours of the circus are red, blue and white stripes. Material or ribbon in these colours hung from a central point in the room or fanning down a wall can help create the right effect.

Lots of bright colours and some home-made circus posters all add to the look.

Circus Costumes

Circus Costumes

Spangly tights and leotards for the girls. Ballet outfits can be easily adapted.

Other kids may prefer to go for strongmen, circus animal outfits -simple masks with tops and trousers of the right colour.

An easy option are clowns with funny wigs and face paint.

The adult helpers may like to dress as The Ringmaster with red jackets, black trousers, walrus moustache and a top hat.

Circus Games

Time for the guests to become star turns in the circus. All these circus party ideas are tried and tested.

Circus Party Ideas - Circus Acts

~It sounds simple but kids love this game and it makes a great way to start your circus theme party~

What You need:

  • Paint or download from the internet 6 pictures of different circus acts such as trapeze artist, clown, juggler, lion tamer, bareback horse rider, acrobat etc. The pictures should be about A4 size(30x21cms) and you need 2 sets of each design. You may like to laminate one set of these or stick them on to card.

The six designs are then placed on the walls around your party hall.

Ok now its time for a disco! Play a CD for the kids to dance to. Expect to have to join in too!

When the music stops they have to run over and choose one of the pictures to stand by.

One card from the other pile is then chosen at random and all the kids who chose that picture ie all the jugglers win a small sweet.

Then everyone is back in the middle to do it all again.

The nice thing about this circus party game is that everyone is involved all the time and no-one is out.

Some kids will win several times but if at the end there are any kids who have not been lucky make sure they get a sweet!

Circus Party Ideas - The Ringmaster's Hat

~This one need a little bit of preparation but its good fun and kids love it!~

What you need :

  • 2 bags of the small hollow plastic balls you get in ball pools but which are also popular with younger children.
  • You need to make 2 special top hats for this game. Take a normal top hat The cheap plastic toppers from party stores are ideal or you can use any similar hat with a brim. Wrap a tube of reasonably strong black card around the hat to make it taller and attach it firmly. If you need to, cover the brim as well so that it looks like a proper tall black top hat. The top of this hat is obviously open which is what you want.

Split your kids into 2 teams and give the first one in each team a topper. They have to run to the other end of the room where there are 2 adult helpers each with a bag of balls.

They load balls into the top hats whereupon the kids race back to empty the balls into their teams bucket before handing the hat to the next ringmaster who takes a turn.

The winner is the team with the most balls in their bucket when everyone has had a turn.

There are lots of variations you can do on the hats for this. English policemen's helmets with bowls screwed on the top are another hilarious option

Circus Party Ideas - Pass The Clown

~How quickly can your clown move down the line~

What you need:

  • 2 balloons . You may like to buy clown themed balloons from a party store. Alternatively simply use a normal balloons and draw clowns' faces with felt tip markers.

Line your children up in two lines as if they were about to walk single file.

The first child is given the balloon. He passes this back over his head to the child behind who passes it back between his legs to the next child who passes back over his head. This pattern of over or under repeats until the last child in the line gets the balloon.

They then run with the balloon to the front of the line, stand at the front and pass the balloon back over their head thus starting the whole process of under and over again.

The game continues until the original child reaches the last position in the line. On receiving the balloon for the last time they run to the front of the line (their original position) and the whole team sits down. The first team to sit down wins.

Tip- you may like to have a little run through with the children before starting the race just so they all know what to do.

Circus Party Ideas - Crazy Clown Race

~Madcap fun in this clown caper~

What you need:

  • 2 clown wigs
  • 2 clown noses
  • 2 pairs of the biggest shoes you can get. Pick these up at a thrift shop and paint them white with red spots or other decorations

Divide the children into 2 teams and line them up.The first child puts on the clown gear and runs (as fast as their clown shoes will let them) to one end of the room and back.

They then pass the clown gear to the next person who puts it on and runs.Continue this as a simple relay to find the fastest set of clowns in the Big Top.

A great way of ending this is by having an inflated whoopee cushion ready for the bottom of the last clown in the team. The first clown to "trump" wins it for their team!

Circus Theme Party

Circus Party Ideas - Hula Hoopy Loopy

~Hold on to your Hulas!~

What you need:

  • A hula hoop

Everyone stands in a circle and music is played while the hoop is passed from one to another. Every person receiving the hoop must put it over their body and climb through it before passing it on to the next person.

If you are holding the hoop when the music stops. You have to show everyone your hula dance with the hoop. Then you are out and have to sit out while the game continues. Each time the music stops someone has to hula then leave the circle (perhaps with a sweet).

Last one in is the winner - But surely they then have to do a special Hula Display!!!?

Circus Party Ideas - The Clowns Shirt Race

~Right way round and inside out. How quickly can you move the clown's shirt down the line?~

What you need:

  • 2 baggy old men's shirts. - Paint them up in carnival colours or spots.

Divide your kids into 2 teams and line them up.

Put the shirts on the first 2 children.

They then hold both hands of the next child forming an arch.

An adult helper then pulls the shirt up over the head of the first child and onto the next without them breaking hands. The second child ends up wearing the shirt which is now turned inside out.

That child now holds hands with child 3 and the process is repeated.

In this way the shirt makes its way down the line to the end of the line (and back again if you wish). The last child wearing the shirt then sounds a hooter / shouts finished / pops a balloon full of tissue confetti to win the race.

Circus Party Ideas - Perfect Circle

~This is a simple one for larger groups of slightly older kids~

The children form a circle holding the hips of the person in front.

They march around like this.

At a given signal everyone slowly bends their knees and "sits" on the lap of the person behind them.

If you get this right you will have a perfect self supporting circle.

Did you put on a Circus Theme Party?

Tell us about it and share your great circus party ideas with others all over the world.

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