Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaur Party Ideas

All the best dinosaur party ideas!
Tyrano-tastic Fun!!

Many kids, particularly younger boys, love dinosaurs. And a dinosaur birthday party is a really common request.

Fortunately the world of Jurassic Park is one of those creative party theme ideas that is pretty easy to play around with and have some fun.

Although not historically accurate adding a few cavemen to the dinosaur party mix gives your party another dimension.

Dinosaur Party Invitations

The best and most obvious ideas are dinosaur party invitation cards in the shape of dinosaurs.

Its always best to include kids in as many aspects of the party as possible - If you are "crafty" you can help your child have some fun designing and creating these.

Lots of teeth, scales and claws would seem to be in order!


How about

You are invited on a mission to
The Land of The Dinosaurs!
Join Ralph for
Danger, Adventure and Excitement
In a
Land That Time Forgot!

Dinosaur Party Decorations

If your child asks for a dinosaur birthday party it is also likely that they will have a few useful props and posters.

If you can, paint or draw pictures of various dinosaurs.

Additional pictures can be downloaded from the internet and printed off.

You may also like to create a Jurassic forest of cardboard trees and ferns.

Painted volcanoes also make a great backdrop to a Lost World.

Dinosaur Party Fancy Dress

The easiest option for a dinosaur party is to go for the - classic archaeologists get up as in Raiders of the Lost Ark - khaki shirts and trousers and leather hats and belts.

Alternatively you could try the caveman look with fake fur and ruffled hair.

Another option is to use face paint to cover faces and arms with dinosaur scales

Dinosaur Party Games

Coming up with great games for your dinosaur birthday party is not difficult. Many traditional party games can easily be given a Jurassic twist!

Dinosaur Party Ideas - Dinosaur Footprints
~A simple dinosaur race with a difference~

Dinosaur Birthday Party

What you need:

  • 4 dinosaur footprints - printed or painted on to card. They should be about A4 (20 x 30cms) . Cut them out so they look foot shaped. You may like to laminate these. Put a hole at the front end of each footprint and add a short string or ribbon.

Divide the children into 2 teams.

Within the teams each child partners with another. One is the dinosaur one is the helper.

Each pair in turn must race to the end of the room or other mark.

The dinosaur however must only tread on the footprints. The helper must move each print in turn for the dinosaur to step onto.

When they reach the marker the other child becomes the dinosaur and the process is repeated for the return journey.

First team with all their dino's back wins.

Dinosaur Party Ideas - Dinosaur Tug of War
~The ultimate battle of the thunder lizards!~

What you need:

  • A strong rope
  • 2 A4 pictures (google download) of a Stegosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus.

Ok its time to find out who was really the king of the dinosaurs. On one side we have the Stegosauruses on the other the Tyrannosauruses

Attach your posters to each side of the rope and line up your teams behind.

1..2..3 and away you go.

Dinosaur Party Ideas - Dinosaur Eggs
~Find and hatch your very own dinosaur~

This one needs a bit of preparation in advance but is something that is a little bit different.

You are going to make some dinosaur eggs.

What you need:

  • 2 cups of sand
  • 1 cup of cornstarch
  • 1.5 cups of water
  • Small plastic dinosaurs - buy these from cheap toy stores or party supply shops

Mix the sand, cornstarch and water in a large old pan and heat through on the stove until warm.

Shape a portion of the warm mixture around a plastic dinosaur and make an egg shape. Set it aside and allow it to dry and harden.

Make enough eggs for every guest to have one (a couple of spares is always a good insurance policy).

The eggs are quite fragile so take it easy with them.

If you hide them around your party venue you can have a Treasure Hunt with a difference.

When every child has found an egg crack them open to hatch out the baby dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Party Ideas - Pterodactyls and Triceratops
~A simple game especially for younger children~

What you need:

  • A picture of a pterodactyl
  • a picture of a triceratops

First show the children the pictures of the 2 prehistoric creatures and the actions they need to do.

The pterodactyl is a fearsome flying dinosaur so the children must flap their wings and shriek fearsome calls. The triceratops is a big horned bruiser so the children must put their fingers up on their heads to make big horns.

Pin the pictures at opposite ends of the room. Play some music and get the children to do the dinosaur stomp. Every so often you stop the music and shout either "Pterodactyl" or "Triceratops".

The children then have to rush to the appropriate end of the room making the actions and noises for that dinosaur.

After a few goes you could add an element of competition by having the last child being out (but becoming a judge to help you ) each time.

The final contest between just 2 children will be a mad rush to decide the winner.

Dinosaur Party Ideas - Blind Dino Sculptures
~Well to be honest no-one really knows what they looked like!~
Dinosaur Party What you need:

  • Plasticine / clay / playdough
  • A selection of little craft bits and pieces such as buttons for scales, eyes etc
  • Blindfolds

The children pair up and are blindfolded.

Each pair are then given a block of clay or play dough.

Between them they have to model a dinosaur.

After 2 minutes time is up. Off come the blindfolds and all the dino sculptures can be judged.

Dinosaur Party Ideas - Veloceraptor
~Chase that caveman~

This is a dinosaur adaptation of the popular party game Duck Duck Goose.

You may like to hold up a picture of a veloceraptor in advance to show what a fearsome beast he was.

All of the players sit cross-legged in a wide circle.

Pick one child to be the caveman (if you had a rough black wig for them so much the better).

The caveman walks around the outside of the circle, tapping the top of each caveman's head lightly while saying caveman. After a few moments of this they tap one child on the head and shout veloceraptor!

The veloceraptor must quickly rise and chase the caveman around the circle trying to tag him before he reaches the spot where the child they chose as veloceraptor was sitting.

If the caveman reaches the spot and sits down before the veloceraptor catches them they are safe and become a sitting caveman.

The game restarts with the new caveman tapping the children's heads again.

Continue until all the children have had a go at being the veloceraptor.

Don't forget to tell us your own dinosaur party ideas.
We will add all the best ideas to this website.

Have a great dinosaur party!

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