Engagement Party Toasts

Engagement Party Toasts

Wish the happy couple all the best
With these wonderful engagement party toasts

Every engagement party will include a point where everyone gathers to toast the "couple to be". Whether heartfelt or humourous the toasts on this page are perfect.

Either use them on their own. Or add or adapt them to the little speech you have planned.

Heartfelt And Loving Engagement Party Toasts

~Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning~

~There is no remedy for love except to love more

~Love is the way we find out about ourselves~

~When your heart is so full it overflows - That is love~

~Plans made together the pages held firm with love~

~A future shared is one of double the joy~

~To find true and lasting love is real wealth~

~Any journey is better shared~

~My only regret?
I have spent the last 20 years looking after my beautiful daughter
And now she has found someone who can do it better than I~

~Never have I seen her so happy
Never have I seen her with so many plans
Never doubt the power of true love~

~No explanation of this is needed
For when love is real it is plain for all to see~

Funny And Lighthearted Engagement Party Toasts

~Loved up like 2 spoons in the cutlery drawer~

~Loved up like a pair of French Fancies stuck together on the bakery shelf~

~Life is like dry toast without the jam of love spread over it
And they obviously don't come much jammier than my best mate Mark
How on earth has he managed to find someone like Jane?~

~To the most Coupleiest Couple in Coupledom since Couples began!~

~Love seems to be a matter of Left and Right
She's found Mr Right and the rest of us are stuck with whats Left!~

~Its nice to meet your new fiance -
I don't suppose there was a 2 for the price of one deal where you got him?~

~When she told me about him she mentioned how much she loved the twinkle in his eye…..It was his twinkle you said you liked…… wasn't it~

~They've been together so long
Most of us thought they already were married!~

~About time too. For although Polly is still in peak condition
Hugh is clearly approaching his best before date!~

~It just goes to show……
Some people will do anything for a stag night in Amsterdam / Vegas~

~Rob's knees were knocking together when he asked my sister to marry him. She also had him in a headlock and his arm twisted behind his back!~

~Janine has been with my best mate Jason for so long now. In fact that's the only way I can understand it. She probably feels she's had him so long she can't take him back …….and she's lost the instructions!~

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