Fun Party Games

Fun Party Games

These fun party games are a hoot!
Perfect for slightly older children!

The brilliant party games on this page are perfect for kids birthday parties and other celebrations.

All of these ideas can be adapted to fit all sorts of party themes. Or be popular additions to more general occasions.

They are however most suitable for slightly older children age 6+.

If you are in any doubt have a little practice at home in advance.

Fun Party Games - String-A-Longa-Ping-Pong
~Steady hands with the string is definitely the thing!~

What you need:

  • Ping pong balls
  • Lengths of string about 6 metres long

Divide you guests up into pairs.

Give each pair 2 strings and a ping pong ball.

The pair lay the string like 2 railway lines between them.

They then pick up the strings at opposite ends holding them quite close together and taut.

The ball is placed on the string at one end.

Slowly one player drops their end whilst the other lifts.

At all times the string must remain taut.

The ball will run along between the strings from one end to the other.

If you try to go to quickly or do not hold tight enough it is likely to fall off. So you need to work with your partner at all times.

When the ball reaches the end send it back.

If the ball drops off you must start again.

Allow the kids a practice and then organise a set of races or knockout competition.

Fun Party Games - Shoe The Horse
~These lucky horseshoes are hard to find~

Fun Party Games Shoe The Horse

What you need:

  • 2 chairs
  • 8 plastic/ cardboard cups or toilet rolls
  • 2 blindfolds

Divide up into 2 teams and position them in wide circles around their chair with some distance in between the 2 groups.

The first player in each team is blindfolded.

The cups, which are the horses shoes, are then placed by an adult helper on the floor randomly around the chair.

On "Go" the blindfold child has to crawl about to find the cups directed by their team mates. One at a time they then take them to the chair feel for an empty leg and shoe it.

When all four legs are wearing a shoe. The next child is blindfold and the cups quickly removed and set out again by an adult helper. The second child then finds the shoes and puts them on the horse.

The first team to have all its team complete a "shoeing" successfully wins!

Fun Party Games - Catch The Cane
~You've got to be quick to catch the stick!~

This is an old scout game but it works well at a party too.

All the children sit around in a circle on chairs.

One child stands in the middle with their finger on the top of a cane or walking stick holding it pressed upright to the floor.

They then shout the name of another child let go of the stick and jump out of the way.

The named child must jump up and catch the stick before it hits the floor.

If they succeed they take over in the middle. If not the original dropper wins a sweet and repeats the process but names a different child.

The kids compete to see who can win most sweets.

Tips: To avoid children just picking their friends you could give each child a secret number. The kid in the middle must select a number from the list.

Be prepared to adjust the size of your circle until you find the best chance of just catching the stick.

Fun Party Games - Chocs Away
~If you're lucky you'll get a treat; as much chocolate as you can cut and eat!~
Fun Party Game This is a well known kid's party game but always popular............... I wonder why?

Chocs Away works best with groups of about 8 kids so you may like to divide your party into 2 or more groups.

For each team you need:

  • A large bar of chocolate
  • A die (the proper name for one of a pair of dice)
  • A blunt but reasonably strong knife
  • A chopping board
  • A pair of gloves
  • A hat (the sillier the better)
The kids take turns to throw the die. If they get a 6 they shout "Chocs!"

They can then run to the chocolate bar put on the gloves and hat and proceed to cut single chunks from the bar. Any they cut they can eat.

The others meanwhile are frantically rolling the die. The minute another 6 is thrown that child shouts "Chocs" and runs to the bar for their go. The first child meanwhile returns to the circle and joins the others trying to roll a 6.

Only when the cutter is wearing hat and gloves may they try to cut the chocolate (though you may like to go to hat only if it is taking too much time)

Some kids will not get much of a go before they are replaced. This fast turnaround can be hilarious.

Set a time limit or go until the last bit of chocolate is eaten.

Fun Party Games - Hopping Frog Race
~Get the knack of this and you will send your rivals hopping mad~

This is one of those fun party games that need a little bit of preparation in advance. But it is worth it as it is very popular with children.

They really do however need to probably be 6+ to be able to get the knack of making their frogs hop along the line. Try it out on your child and see what you think.

Party games for kids

Find a nice froggy image on the internet and print it out onto some reasonably stiff card.

Alternatively print onto paper and then stick on to cardboard afterwards.

An image about 15cms x 15cms is perfect so you can fit 2 of these on a piece of A4 paper (set to landscape). Using green card for frogs is good.

You can cut out your frog shapes or leave them on square pieces of card.

Poke a hole through the frogs mouth with a sharp pair of scissors.

Thread a string or ribbon through the frogs mouth. Pull it through and tie it to something low down on the floor. Some chair legs have a bar across at just the right height.

Unroll the string / ribbon in front of the frog.

Place your frog at the tied end of your string positioned so that it falls slightly forward.

You will find giving gentle tugs to the string will make your frog hop along the line toward you.

There is a knack to it but you soon get what you have to do.

Tips- Short gentle hops are more effective than big yanks on the string. Try to ensure that the hole in the frog is about a quarter of the way down from the top and centred on the middle line.

Prepare enough frogs for your guests in advance. You may like to have the kids colour them in when they arrive as a warm up activity.

Alternatively you may like to have a number of frogs prepared and ready to go tied on to and lined up along a stick which is then held by 2 adults at the right height.

Demonstrate to the children what they have to do and let them have a practice.

Then let the races begin. 1 on 1 challenges or 10 frogs at a time the choice is yours.

Frog racing is really great. Have a little practice at home first and we guarantee you will want to include it at your party.

Variations: Of course it doesn't have to be frogs. Choose any picture that matches the theme of your party.

How about:

  • Easter Bunnies
  • Bouncing Buccaneers
  • Flitting Fairies
  • Crazy Clowns
  • Pictures of your family

Fun Party Games - Whiteface
~Now that's what I call flour power!~

This game is a bit messy so probably best at the end of your party. It really is though one of those fun party games that kids just adore. - A legitimate excuse to get messy!

It works best with about 8 kids so you may like to divide your party in 2 or more

What you need for each group:

  • A small mixing bowl
  • A bag of flour
  • A tray
  • A bag of sweets such as wine gums, jelly babies or sweets in non foil wrappers
  • A blunt knife
  • A set of swimming or other goggles

Messy Party Games

Tip you flour into the mixing bowl filling it right to the top.

Press down hard on the flour and top up as necessary.

Turn the bowl upside down on the tray.

Carefully remove the bowl leaving a firm little mound of pressed flour.

Position 2-3 sweets on top of the mound

The kids then take turns to slice the edges of the flour mound with the knife.

The more they cut away the more precarious the mound in the middle.

Carry on until it collapses.

Whoever was holding the knife when it does then has to find a sweet

The thing is they have to do this with their teeth!

They put on the goggles and, as everyone cheers, plunge their face into the flour.

Hopefully when they come up they will have a sweet in their mouth.

They will also have a very white floury face which looks even funnier when they take off the goggles!

You can start from scratch again but the reality is most of the kids will want to have a go. Simply re-build a mound in the middle that contains sweets and let them all have a try.

Share your own fun party games!

Do you know any fun party games
Tell us all about them
We will include all the best on these pages!

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