Halloween Party Ideas
For Kids

Its Halloween
- A night for mischief and mayhem.
And here are all the very best
Halloween party ideas for kids!

Halloween - October 31st is the traditional night for ghoulish fun. All normal rules are suspended as we dress up to look our scariest!

Kids love Halloween and its a great excuse for a party.

To run a really great party however you need to have a bit of imagination, do a bit of preparation and have a clear plan.

Do make sure you include your children in as many of the preparations as possible. It really is half the fun and helps turn your party into a real family event!

All the Halloween party ideas for kids below are surefire winners.

Guaranteed to turn your party into a witches brew of fun and frolics.

Halloween Party Invitations

Ok you can buy all sorts of Halloween party invitations.

You can also easily download them from the internet.

But how much more fun to make your own.

So come on get some card and get creative.

There are all sorts of things you could do

How about:

  • Ghosts
  • Witches hats
  • Bats
  • Scary Pumpkins
  • Coffins - open the lid (flap) for the party details

Add scary pictures and stickers as needed.

Write the details in your scariest handwriting or find a creepy horror font on your computer to print and add to your designs.

Use your words to set the scene. For instance

Come to Janey's Haunted House
For a Halloween Happening
If You Dare!
The Witching Hours are between 6 and 8 pm

Dress Code - Scary

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Once more you can buy all sorts of bits and pieces for your Halloween party......But its lots more fun to make your own!!

Check out a few companies' offerings however just to get a few ideas.

There are also all sorts of images and graphics you can download from the internet.

The colours you need are orange, black and dark green so streamers and balloons in these shades are a good start.

Fairy lights and candles (if safe to use) are great. Simply replacing a few normal lightbulbs for coloured will create a spooky effect.

Pumpkins carved into Jack o' lanterns are traditional favourites. Have at least one big one but a couple of smaller pumpkins also look great on your party food table.

Ghosts can easily be made from sheets draped over twisted coathangers.

Scary bodies can be made by stuffing old clothes with newspaper. Use pumpkins or painted stuffed sacks for heads and prop them up in corners or other places where they might give someone a fright (ie on a trip to the bathroom!)

Gardener's fleece makes great spider webs. Cool spiders can be made from egg cartons with black pipe cleaner legs.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Halloween Party Costumes

There is no shortage of possibilities here either.

Most of the scary character ideas your child may come up with can be reasonably easily accomplished with a rummage through the dressing up box and the heavy application of make-up or face paint.

  • Witches - black dresses, pointy hats, twig brooms.
  • Goblins and trolls - ripped clothes, face painted skin.
  • Devils - Red leggings and shirts, capes, horns, pointed tails.
  • Ghosts - White sheets (cut eye holes but paint around them for a better effect.
  • Mummies and Zombies - Wrap white muslin for bandages and ripped clothes.
  • Dracula - White shirt, black trousers, cape and plenty of make up.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Halloween Party Games For Kids

Halloween Party Ideas Kids

Halloween party games for kids should be fun and fit the scary theme. But they don't need to be complicated.

A little bit of preparation will give you a few props to work with.

Do write a list of what you plan to do and have any equipment you need to hand

When surrounded by a dozen excited young ghouls its easy to get flustered!!

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Frozen Scream

~This sounds too simple but it is a surefire winner. Kids love it and it is a great way to start your party~

What you need:

  • A balloon or feather

Sit the children in a circle

You stand above them and let go of the balloon or feather. The whole time it is in the air the kids must scream but the minute it hits the ground they must stop.

That is all there is to it.

It sounds simple and reading this you probably think is that it!

But it is actually really good fun. The children love the scream. And the instant silence as it touches the floor is really spooky.

For variations try

  • Cackle like a witch
  • Whoo like a ghost
  • Roar like a monster

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Pass it on

~This is a simple kids party game that can easily be given a Halloween twist~

What you need:

  • Plastic teaspoons
  • Clothes-pegs
  • Magic beans - if you are not prepared to meet a good fairy in disguise as you take your ox to market (what sort of parent are you?) then jelly beans make a good substitute!
  • Small card cut outs of pumpkins or other Halloween pictures.

2 simple games -

1. The kids hold the teaspoons in their teeth and pass jelly beans via their spoons. The best technique is for the giver to be slightly higher than the receiver and carefully tilt their head and spoon so the bean drops from one spoon to the next.

2. The kids hold a clothes-peg in their teeth. They then have to transfer the card pumpkins to the next person via their pegs. Getting the timing right for biting to open the peg at the right moment is harder than you would think.

Both these games can be done simply passing around a circle (in which case you may like to add more than one bean or pumpkin) or as a race between teams.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Box of Horrors

~Dare you reach inside the Box of Horrors?~


What you need:

  • A cardboard box painted black and decorated. With a small hand sized hole in the front
  • Some home-made body parts - see below

You tell the children that the night before you opened a grave, pulled out the body and chopped it up. All the parts of that body are now in your Box of Horrors

As you name all the parts you cut up. Dare the children to put their hands inside the box to feel.

Have the body parts on small plates already in the box. As each hand in turn come into the box you hold up a plate for them to feel.

Make your own body parts:

  • Intestines - Cooked spaghetti
  • Eyeballs - Peeled baby tomatoes (put in boiling water for 5 minutes and the skin comes off easily)
  • Hair - Real hair or an old dressing up wig
  • Teeth - Halved almonds
  • Heart - Turn out a small set jelly.
  • Ears - Dried apricots
  • Scary hand - Latex glove filled with flour

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Room On The Broom

~Which witches will win the flying broomstick challenge?~

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

What you need:

  • 2 witches brooms

This is a simple race for witches on their broomsticks. But you can make it more complicated.

Split your guests into 2 teams

The first in each team hops on the broomstick and whizzes off to the other end of the room. There is no side-saddle in the witch world and witches must keep the broomstick between their legs at all times.

They go round a marker (cauldron, black toy cat, witches hat etc) and return to their team. They then pick up a second witch who jumps on behind so there are 2 on the broom. Down they go again and back.

This time the first witch jumps off, number 2 moves up and number 3 jumps on. Down to the end they go and back again.

Each time the front witch hops off and a new one jumps on.

When the last witch is on they have to do the very last run on their own.

First witch back across the line wins.

Other options -

Add a witch each time until you can't fit any more on the broomstick.

Have the front witch facing forwards and the second facing backwards.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Monster Musical Statues

~A spooky variation on an old favourite~

Find some good old fashioned scary music something like Michael Jackson's Thriller would be great.
Halloween Party Ideas For Kids Everyone dances their own Monster Stomp but when the music stops the children have to stand in the position of the statue you call out.
You could then have a wicked witch or other monster (dressed up adult) check that all the statues are standing still as stone.

After a few rounds anyone who moves is out whereupon they sit at the sides and help the witch judge.

Suggested monster statues:

  • Ghost
  • Witches Cat
  • Wicked Goblin
  • Mummy from the Crypt
  • Frankenstein

You may want to demonstrate good poses to younger children.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Musical Torch

~This game is very spooky especially if everyone is wearing their Halloween fancy dress~

What you need:

  • A torch

This game is like a spooky version of pass the parcel. It really needs for the room to be as dark as possible.

The children sit in a circle and carefully pass the torch hand to hand shining it up under their chins so their scary Halloween faces are illuminated in turn.

If your face is the one with the torch when the music stops you have to cackle like a scary witch and slither down so you are lying down as a gruesome dissolved mess of nastiness!

The game continues in this manner when just one child is left who then must dissolve himself before winning a prize.

Halloween Party Game Wrap The Mummy

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Wrap The Mummy

~What could be scarier than turning 2 of your guests into monster mummies~

What you need;

  • About 10 toilet rolls.
  • Some search objects

Divide your children into 2 or more teams.

Show them a picture of a scary monster mummy. (think Scooby Do)

They then have 3 minutes to wrap a member of their team. You will probably need to put an adult helper with each team. A bit of masking tape can also be quite helpful in tidying up loose "starts and ends".

Make sure you wrap their legs individually rather than bind them together.

At the end of 3 minutes call time whereupon the mummies need to stand in the middle to be........ admired?!

Scatter some Halloween sweets or other objects around the room.

Each team now has to sit still around a bucket cheering on their Mummy who runs around picking up these party treats one at a time returning to drop it in their teams bucket one by one.

This gets more difficult and funnier as they slowly start to unravel.

The better your Mummy the more treats for your team.

At the end don't forget to give your Mummy's a clap and a cheer for being good sports.

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Ogre's Eyeballs

~Careful how you carry those eyeballs~

All sorts of children's party favourites can easily be adapted into great Halloween party ideas for kids.

What You Need:

  • 2 large cooking spoons
  • Either an egg for each child or a few white plastic balls. Decorate these to look like Ogres eyeballs all bloodshot and menacing!

Contestants have to use their spoon to carry their Ogres Eyeballs along a set course (only younger kids may use their hands to hold the eyeballs on.

Depending on the age of your kids make your course more or less challenging by adding obstacles.

If you are going for the egg option - the splat of a dropped eyeball is quite "Halloweeny" but watch out for others slipping up in the goo!

Halloween Party Ideas For Kids - Splat The Bat!

~You need to be quick off the mark to splat a bat!~ Halloween Party Game Splat The Bat

This is a bit of fast and furious fun and is always really popular. You do need a bit of room however and is best played in a school or village hall.

Like all the best Halloween party ideas for kids its actually really simple.

You tie a soft toy bat or make your own from a weighted stuffed sock (add eyes and wings etc) to a long piece of string.

Place your bat at one end of the room and roll out the string to the other end.

One person is designated the "puller". On the word "Go" their job is to quickly but steadily pull the bat along the ground towards them.

Meanwhile one person who has been designated the "splatter" chases after it with a small witches broom, a rubber or plastic baseball bat or similar and tries to splat it.

Depending on the age and ability of the children and the room available you may wish to alter the starting points of both the bat and the splatter to make it a more exciting contest.

We have found it works best to give the bat a 5m head start. You can always start the splatter in the middle of the room and make them run back to and around a post at the starting line if you are short on space. Be flexible and be prepared to alter the course as you play the game to maximise the fun.

Nor should the puller be allowed jerk the string too much. This is also where using a weighted home-made sock-bat ensures a steadier pull.

Repeat with different children pulling and splatting.

Halloween Party For Kids

So there you are.

The best selection of Halloween party ideas for kids
You could possibly want.

Guaranteed to turn your Halloween party
Into an event so good its scary!!!

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