Indoor Beach Party Ideas

Indoor Beach Party Ideas

You don't need to live near the ocean
To enjoy these Indoor Beach Party Ideas!

Who needs the ocean?

With a bit of imagination we can easily sort out an indoor beach party.

In fact the novelty of this neat party idea always makes it a real winner with kids.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Invitations

These are simple to do. Pick any cool beach theme or idea and turn it into a great invitation.

There are plenty to choose from:

  • Sandcastles
  • Beach Huts
  • Swimming Costumes
  • Beach Towels
  • Ice Creams
  • Sun / Sun Tan Lotion / Sunglasses
  • Seashore - starfish, rockpools, seagulls, shells

Use paint or pens to create your invites or download pictures to use from the internet.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Decorations

We want to conjure up an image of a beautiful sun-kissed beach.

Time to get your kids busy with the poster paints to create suitable pieces of "beach art" to decorate the venue.

All the items in the list above also make good subjects for beach party decorations. Those who doubt their artistic ability can always download and incorporate images from the internet into their designs.

A great big cardboard yellow sun hanging down from the ceiling is a must however - who goes to the beach when the sun isn't shining?

Flying Seagulls on strings hanging from the ceiling are another nice touch.

Have as many deck chairs as you can muster and hang beach towels and swim suits up in appropriate places.

If you use balloons and streamers yellow and white are the key colours.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Costumes And Outfits

Swim suits would be nice but you don't want your guests to be cold. So unless you live in a tropical paradise the best idea is a combination of swim suits with beach clothes such as old shirts etc over the top.

For boys Hawaiian shirts and faded shorts are also cool. For girls skirts and shorts with "beachy" type t shirts are easy.

Everyone should wear sun hats, sunglasses and flip flops or deck shoes.

A nice touch is as your guests arrive have a large bottle of Fake (invisible) Sun Tan Lotion and insist on giving them a good coating because after all "it is so hot!"

Everyone should also bring their beach towel.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Games

The trick here is to think of the things you do at a party and come up with ways you can give them a "seaside spin".

Then think of all the things you do at the beach and give them a "party twist".

Many well known party games can easily be given a beach flavour.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Musical Towels
~The race to be the first sunbather~

Well yes it is just the same as Musical Islands but it is still good fun.

Every child lays out their beach towel in two lines in the middle of the floor.

As the music plays the kids dance around them . But when the music stops they have to jump on any towel and lie down in a sunbathing type pose.

After a couple of practices remove a towel each time. The child who fails to secure a sunbathing spot next time the music stops is out. Continue until you arrive at a winner.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Sculptures In The Sand / Sandcastles
~Who can design the best?~

For this you need a few props:

  • A bag of play-pit sand You may need to wet this a bit in advance to make it usable
  • A number of trays or squares of board
  • Buckets, spades and other sand tools
  • A large selection of decorative craft bits and bobs, stones, shells, feathers, flags etc.

Although this is an obvious idea kids really like the novelty of building sand castles or other creations away from the beach.

Either working in pairs or alone have the children create a dream castle or sculpture on their tray.

Allow 5 minutes and then have all the castles carefully lined up for judging.

They make a nice addition to the party decorations whilst you get on with other games.

You could get a Grandma or Grandad (renowned experts when it comes to sand castles!) judge and award a certificate / prize to the best effort.

Or you could have the kids vote for their favourite (other than their own).

A Clap-ometer (the castle that gets the biggest round of applause) is a fun way to do this.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Rubber Ring Relay
~Can you run rings around the opposition?~

There are a couple of variations for Rubber Ring Relay Beach Party Games 1. Line up 2 teams. 3 inflatable rubber rings are placed over the first child in each line. On "Go!" they have to run an obstacle course of your design. Their efforts of course made funnier by the rings around their middle. On completion of the course the rings are quickly transferred to the next in line and the process repeated in a simple relay through the whole team.

First team with all members back at base is the winner.

Tip: Ensure children's arms / hands are not within the rings in case they fall over. It is also funnier to watch them try to hold up the rings which will slip down as they run.

2. Line the teams up as before. On "Go!" you hand the front child a rubber ring. They have to put that over their head and pull it down to their feet where they step out.

The next child then steps forward into the ring and pulls it up over their body and head before passing it to the next in line who drops it over their head and down to the floor again.

This continues with the entire team pulling the ring either down or up over themselves in turn. After the last child has put the ring over themselves they run with it to the front of the line and the whole sequence starts again.

This continues until the original starting child ends up back at the front. First team to achieve this with the ring around the leader's neck wins.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Shell On The String
~Who is hiding the lucky shell~

This game is usually played with a ring on the string but a seashell gives it a seaside flavour.

In advance you need to drill a hole in a small shell. String your shell onto a piece of string about 8 metres long.

Tie the string in a circle. You may wish to adjust the length depending on the number of players.

The children sit or stand in a circle and all hold the string palms downward (as if they were riding a motorbike). One person has the shell on the string in their hand. The string should be pulled taut.

A picker is chosen. They go in the middle of the circle and close their eyes whilst the shell is whizzed around the circle from child to child.

They then open their eyes and have to guess the hand that is holding the shell whilst the others pass and pretend to pass it around.

3 quick guesses are best. If they find it they win a prize / sweet. After 3 tries or a correct guess another picker takes their place in the centre and the game is repeated until everyone has had a try.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Guess The Number Of Shells
~Get closest to win a prize~

Games For Beach Party
This is a simple addition to a beach party.

In advance prepare a jar of shells. A large jam jar is fine. Count in the number of shells. Provide each child with a pencil and small piece of paper. They write their name and make a secret guess. All the guesses are collected in a sandcastle bucket.

The guess nearest to the correct total wins a prize.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Beach Ball Buddies
~How fast can you go with a beach ball between you?~

This game is often played with a balloon but for an indoor beach party an inflatable beach ball is obviously more appropriate.

Divide the children into 2 teams and pair up the children in each team.

Each pair in turn has a beach ball wedged between them. They may use any part of their bodies to keep the ball in place except their hands and arms.

Organise a simple relay with a pair from each team racing against each other before passing the beach ball to the next pair in their team.

Make the course as interesting (difficult) as you like depending on the age of the kids.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Pictionary In The Sand
~Artistic brilliance at your fingertips!~

This is a simple beach twist on the popular party game Pictionary.

Beach Party Games Ideas

All you need is:

  • A tray of sand
  • A number of small cards stating the things the children must draw. Keep these simple.

Divide the children into 2 teams.

Place the folded word cards in seaside bucket

In turn a child picks a card from the bucket. They then have to use their finger to draw in the sand what is written on their card.

Everyone guesses the word as the sand drawing takes shape. A successful guess wins a point for your team.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Flip The Beach Towel
~Sounds easy. If only you weren't all standing on it!~

This game causes lots of laughter and is a simple addition to your beach party.

Divide your kids into teams probably 5+.

Each team stands together on a beach towel.

They then have to flip the towel over a little bit at a time until it is completely turned over and they are all standing on the opposite side. At no time must anyone step off the towel.

This calls for good teamwork.

It results in a lot of grabbing, shrieking and hanging on for dear life!

The best way to do this successfully is to fold a corner of the towel over diagonally and slowly increase - hopping your team over as you go.

You may need to adjust the size of your teams or towels to present the greatest challenge depending on the age of your children.

Indoor Beach Party Ideas - Seagull Tug of War
~Pull for all you are worth~

Don't think this is old fashioned it is always kids best game at parties they really do love it. It makes a great way to finish your indoor beach party.

You need a stout rope at least 8 metres long

Divide your children into 2 teams. One for each end of the rope

Split them off size wise with bigger kids furthest away from the middle and little ones towards the front of each team.

It pays to have an adult helper working on each side to marshall the kids and sort out the order.

In the middle of the rope hang a card cut out of a seagull on a short string. Place 2 beach towels or other mark about 1 metre from the centre spot.

On "Go!" the teams simply have to land the seagull on their towel.

Repeat as many times as you want. You may want to play around with the team on each side to even up the pulling.

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