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Kids Beach Party Ideas

Sun, sea and sandcastles
All the best Kids Beach Party Ideas!

If you are lucky enough to live near the seaside the beach can be a great place for a kids party.

Sun, sea, sand what more could you need?.... Oh yes - Children!

Kids Beach Party Invitations

These are simple to do. The important thing for beach party invites is to keep it bright and sunny.

There are plenty of cool beach themes or ideas that can easily be turned into a great hand-made invitation:

  • Sandcastles
  • Deckchairs
  • Seashore - Starfish / Rockpools / Seagulls / Shells
  • Ice Creams
  • Swimming Costumes
  • Beach Towels
  • Sun / Sun Tan Lotion / Sunglasses

You could also actually stick sand to the bottom of a beach scene invitation.

Every guest should bring a sun hat, sun cream, swimming costume and towel.

You may also like to ask people to bring other beach play equipment such as rubber rings, balls, buckets and spades etc.

Kids Beach Party Equipment

The most important 2 things at a beach party are:

  • Not losing the children
  • Staying safe in the sun.

If you can, erect a large pole with a flag or similar at the top, to mark your spot on the beach.

You can also show the children how to find you via a nearby landmark.

Impress on the children the need to stay within certain boundaries. You must however remain vigilant at all times and should not allow them to go off for any unsupervised activities.

With regard to the sun, warn parents to cover their children in high protection factor sun cream. They should also all have a shirt (even if they will not wear it all the time). Every child should wear a hat in the sun. It is best to have some spare sun hats and sun cream for top ups during the party.

You may also like to provide some kind of awnings for shade and windbreaks for protection. A great idea is actually to erect a small tent if you have one to provide a sheltered shady spot for all your equipment.

Other useful equipment:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Several Spare Towels
  • Plenty Of Water
  • A Safe Box - with a lid for any valuables, money, spectacles or other treasures kids suddenly "find themselves with".
  • A Mobile Phone - for emergencies

Kids Beach Party Games and Activities

The great thing about beach parties is the space, the soft sand and the ability to get wet without it mattering.

All good kids beach party games should make the most of all these.

Kids Beach Party Games - Rubber Ring Relay
~Can you run rings around the opposition?~

Beach Party Games

There are a couple of variations for Rubber Ring Relay

1. Line up 2 teams. 2 or 3 inflatable rubber rings are placed over the first child in each line.

On "Go!" they have to run up the beach following an obstacle course of your design. Their efforts will of course be hampered and made funnier by the rings around their middle.

On completion of the course the inflatable rings are quickly transferred to the next in line and the process repeated in a simple relay through the whole team.

First team with all members back at base is the winner.

Tip: Flippers and diving masks for each team can make this even funnier!

2. Line the teams up as before. On "Go!" you hand the front child a rubber ring. They have to put that over their head and pull it down to their feet where they step out.

The next child then steps forward into the ring and pulls it up over their body and head before passing it to the next in line who drops it over their head and down to the floor again. This continues with the entire team pulling the ring either down or up over themselves in turn.

After the last child has put the ring over themselves they run with it to the front of the line and the whole sequence starts again.

This continues until the original starting child ends up back at the front. First team to achieve this with the ring around the leader's neck wins.

Kids Beach Party Games - Sunbather Tug of War
~Pull for all you are worth~

Don't think tug of war is old fashioned it is always kids favourite game at parties, they really do love it. Its even more fun on a sandy beach, and makes a great addition to your beach party.

You need a stout rope at least 8m long

Divide your children into 2 teams. One for each end of the rope

Split them off size wise with bigger kids furthest away from the middle and smaller children towards the front of each team.

It pays to have an adult helper working on each side to marshall the kids and sort out the order.

In the middle of the rope hang a card cut out of a sunbather on a short string. Place 2 beach towels or other mark about 1m from the centre spot.

On "Go!" the teams simply have to land the sunbather on their towel.

Repeat as many times as you want. You may want to play around with the team on each side to even up the pulling.

Kids Beach Party Games - Long Jump
~The Olympics was never like this!~

A good sandy beach makes a great place for a long jump competition.

You can start this off as a straightforward jump - furthest leap wins.

You can however make it more interesting with a few variations!

How about trying it:

  • Backwards
  • Wearing flippers
  • Wearing inflatable rings
  • Having to land on a certain mark or obliterate a small sandcastle
  • Having to carry an old ice cream container full of sea water while jumping
  • Having to land on a water balloon
  • Having helpers "spur you on" with buckets of water thrown as you leap

Kids Beach Party Games - Sand Castle Competition

It may seem a bit obvious but a best sand castle competition, either working alone in pairs or teams is always good fun.

Beach Party Sandcastle Competition

Don't restrict yourself just to castles either. Other neat ideas for artistic sand moulders are:

  • Dragons
  • Snakes
  • Boats
  • Mermaids
  • Stegosaurus (shells for scales /plates)

Another good sandcastle game is a straightforward race to build a certain number of simple bucket castles, ie first team to build 100 castles.

The end of this game is good fun as on your signal every castle is stomped underfoot by a gang of excited children.

Kids Beach Party Games - Surfs Up!
~Slowest to the bucket gets wet~

This is a bit like duck duck goose.

The kids sit in a large circle in the sand. A bucket is filled with seawater and placed on the ground in the middle of the circle.

One child is then chosen to walk around the edge of the circle gently tapping each child on the head. They eventually pick one person and as they tap them shout "Surfs Up"!.

Both children then race around the circle in opposite directions entering the circle where the chosen child was sitting. The first to grab the bucket of seawater can then give the other a soaking.

Expect a bit of bucket grappling but it all adds to the fun.

Repeat until everyone has had a turn.

Kids Beach Party Games - Water Bomb Wanging
~Catch it cleanly or risk a soaking~

The space afforded by the beach means that this game can really be taken to the max!

Fill a number of small balloons with seawater. You need 1 balloon for every 2 children.

Pair them up and set them out in 2 well spaced lines about 1 metre apart. On your command they throw the water ballon between them both ways. Then everyone takes a small step back and the process is repeated.

Carry on moving back one step all together each time.

After a while people will begin to fumble and get a soaking. A balloon that doesn't burst however can be retrieved and the pair can continue.

Once a ballon has burst that pair are out.

Continue until only one pair remain. Then let them carry on with the distance increasing until one of them misses and gets a soaking.

The other is crowned champion and wins a prize.

For an extra bit of fun you can also have a steward with a bucket of water. Any person not trying to catch the ballon and jumping out of the way merits a soaking from the judge.

Kids Beach Party Games - Squirt
~A clean face or a squirt in the face. Same difference really!~ Beach Games

The great thing about the beach is that you can be as wet and messy as you like.

Time to get the water pistols out!

Divide the teams into pairs and load the pistols with seawater. Have a few buckets of seawater handy for top ups.

One player in each team is given a pistol and blindfolded.

Their pair then has a big blob of squirty cream (use dairy not shaving foam) put-on their nose and possibly a blob on each cheek.

(You could actually do a full beard if you wanted).

Have the 2 players face each other. Adjust the distance between the teammates depending on the velocity of your water pistols.

They then have to direct the aim of their blindfolded teammate to wash their face.

Of course this will result in a face full of water and a good soaking.

Once one face is clean swap over and repeat the other way round.

This game works best if undertaken one pair at a time so that everyone can watch each pair clean up.

Surely Dad will want a go (at being squirted by everyone) at the end?!!

Kids Beach Party Games - Muscle Beach
~Body builders risk a soaking~

This is a beach variation on a party game called Balloon Body Builders.

You need 2 old baggy track suits.

Prepare some small water balloons.

2 children don the track suits. (best to choose more robust children)

Tip: You may like to secure the bottom of the track jackets with a cord or belt.

Using the balloons as muscles you then bulk up the body builders. The team that ends up with the biggest "muscle man" wins.

But then………… out comes the pin.

(Probably best in the hands of an adult)

They could run ….. but what if they fell over?!!!

This game often ends up in a bit of a mad, wet bundle in the sand!

Kids Beach Party Games - Water Feet
~Steady now or risk a soaking~

This game requires good teamwork and coordination.

You need at least 5 players per team.

The team wearing socks, flip flops or beach shoes all lie on their backs in a star formation, feet toward the middle. They then shuffle inwards lifting their feet in the air. Their legs and feet end up all together touching in the air, backsides on the sand, nearly touching (like a sort of tree trunk). They may like to hold hands to keep the shape rigid

A water filled balloon or an old 5 litre ice cream tub filled with water (but no lid) is then placed on their up-turned feet. Working as a team the children have to support this.

In turn each child then has to remove their socks and shoes one at a time whilst their team mates ensure the water doesn't fall.

The team that can't work together risks a soaking!!

Kids Beach Party Games - Limbo
~When even Bognor Regis can seem like Barbados!~

Limbo is great on the beach. The soft sand being a perfect safety net for those who over-reach themselves - and yes Grandad that could mean you!

All you need is a limbo pole held by 2 people and a battery powered sound system. It is however perfectly possible to have a limbo competition without music.

Everyone dances around in turn going beneath the limbo pole tummy upwards in traditional limbo fashion. After each round however the pole is lowered making life harder for the dancers.

Eventually people will begin to flop backwards in the sand as they attempt increasingly difficult contortions.

Continue until you arrive at a limbo champion.

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