Outer Space Party

Outer Space Party Ideas

These outer space party ideas
Are out of this world!

Loads of kids love anything to do with space, rockets, aliens and astronauts.

A request for a space birthday party is quite common but not difficult to organise.

So now its time to head off into outer space. Watch out for meteorites and aliens. Off...............

Outer Space Party Invitations

These could be rocket or flying saucer shaped. Alternatively stars, meteorites and planet shapes are also cool.

You could describe your party as a mission into outer space-

Apollo 6 (or other Birthday number)
Blast off at ..........
From the .............. launch pad

Or how about designing the invitations to look like tickets for a ride on the Space Shuttle. Launch off from the new NASA launch site (party venue).

Another option is an invitation designed like a star chart with the ultimate destination planet party (party venue).

Outer Space Party Decorations

Simple stars and planets shapes can be cut out from card and painted. Rockets and spaceships can hang from the ceiling.

Empty loo rolls covered in silver foil and other bits and pieces can of course make great rockets.

Fairy lights strung about the ceiling become the flickering starlight from far off constellations.

The entrance to the party is hung with black plastic (think bin liners) with a sign pointing the way into The Black Hole

Outer Space Party Costumes and Fancy Dress

Outer Space Party Fancy Dress Alien Fancy Dress

Children will all have ideas about what makes a good spaceman.

Ski suits and bike helmets can usually be customised.

Really authentic suits and backpacks can be made from combinations of eggboxes, and tubes etc all spray-painted.

Simpler options are just to wear black clothes with silver face paint or even alien green.

Outer Space Party Games

Having visited any number of strange planets all spacemen will enjoy all sorts of space games.

Rocket Blast

Space Birthday Party

What you need:

  • 2 cardboard boxes top and bottom removed, painted to look like space craft.
  • A bunch of small balloons one for each spaceman (silver or black are best).

Divide the children into 2 teams and provide each crew with a cardboard spacecraft.

On starters orders the first spaceman steps into the cardboard box and races to a designated spot where you have tethered a balloon. If you are outside use a skewer pushed into the ground. If you are inside tie the balloon to a heavy object. Tip- It is best to tether the balloons on quite short strings.

The spaceman is now lost in outer space without enough fuel to get home. But the balloon contains enough fuel for the return voyage.

To access the fuel the spaceman has to stamp on the balloon until it bursts. If it can be popped the blast will send them back to their own galaxy. And the next spaceman can blast off into space.

The first team to send their whole team into outer space and get them all safely home again wins.


What you need:

  • A black sheet, rug or large piece of material.
  • 2 paper plates painted silver if possible
  • 2 teaspoons
  • A large box of smarties / M & M's or other colourful sweets. Or a good number of brightly coloured beads.

The black material is laid on the floor as a far flung galaxy.

The sweets or beads are scattered across it as an asteroid shower.

Divide your spacemen into 2 teams.

At a signal you call out a colour.

To give it a space flavour you could say something like "Phase Red Go

The first spacemen from each team runs forward and tries to put as many red asteroids as possible onto their flying saucer (paper plate) using just the inter-galactic asteroid collection apparatus (teaspoons).

After about 30 seconds you say "Phase Blue Go" and the second spacemen run to take over for the next colour.

Work your way through the colours and children. You may have to repeat some phases.

When everyone has had a go the final phase ends and the team with the most asteroids on their flying saucer win.

Moon Walk

One small step for man............

What you need:

  • Make 2 sets of mini string stilts from tins, wooden blocks or small up-side down buckets with strings tied to them

The surface of the planet is a wild and dangerous terrain. All space explorers must remain on the special moonwalkers at all times.

Divide the children into 2 space crews and have one team member at a time race across the planet (you may like to devise a more complicated moonwalk if appropriate) and back.

Work as a simple relay race until all the crew have crossed the planet.

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