Messy Party Games For Teens

A little bit of mess never hurt anyone
These party games for teens might be messy
But they are great fun!

Well mess and teenagers go together and the ideas listed below are tried and tested winners.

Making a mess was never so much fun.

Messy Party Games For Teens - Tomato Paste Drop

What you need:

  • Tubes of tomato paste
  • Paper cups

Teen Party Game

Partner people up. This is a great game for couples.

You may however like to have only 2 couples take part at a time.

One person stands on a chair whilst their partner lies on their back with their head against the chair legs.

They person on the ground places the paper cup in their mouths.

Their partner then has to squeeze the paste from the tube getting as much of it as possible in the cup.

The most fun for the spectators is of course if their aim is lousy.

The winners are the couple with the most tomato paste in their cup.

A neat variation on this game is give the person on the stool an egg and a knife to crack it. They must drop the cracked egg out of the shell into their partners cup.

Messy Party Games For Teens - Lipsticky Moments

Messy Party Games For Teens

What you need:

  • A selection of cheap lipsticks

Pair up your guests. This is a great game for bringing "shy" couples together.

One person holds the lipstick in their mouth.

They then have to apply lipstick to their partner's lips with no hand contact allowed.

The winners are the ones with the best painted pout.

Tip: you may like to sellotape the lipstick in the out position

Messy Party Games For Teens - Shoot It Out Party Games For Teams What you need:

  • Paper plates with ribbons poked through them to form a little paper plate hat
  • Small candles or tea lights
  • Water pistols

The candle is secured with wax to the hat / plate. Ribbons are used to tie the hat to the head.

Contestants are paired off and each given a loaded water pistol.

They sit on seats about 2 metres apart.

The candles are lit and at a given signal the duel commences.

Whoever keeps their candle alight the longest wins

Messy Party Games For Teens - Squirt

What you need;

  • Spray cans of shaving or dairy cream
  • Water pistols

Pair up your guests.

A big blob of cream is then placed on one person in each teams nose.

Their partner with a loaded water pistol then stands to the side of them at a distance of about 3 metres.

They then have to clean the nose of their partner using squirts of water.

Messy Party Games For Teens - Rule Of The Gun

This is another variation of a water pistol party game

What you need:

  • Short rulers
  • Tea lights or candles
  • Water pistols

Pair up your party guests.

One places a ruler in their mouth and balances a lighted candle on the end.

The other must stand to the side at an agreed distance and attempts to extinguish the flame.

Messy Party Games For Teens - Vaseline Nose

This game can be played as an individual or as a relay.

Party Games For Teenagers

What you need:

  • Cotton wool balls
  • Jar of Vaseline

Smear players noses with a dab of Vaseline. They then have to plunge their nose into a plate of cotton wool balls until one sticks.

They then carry the ball to the end of an agreed course before dropping it in a bucket by blowing or head shaking (no hands)

The first team with a set number of balls in the bucket win.

Messy Party Games For Teens - Garden Gnomes

This is messy but very funny!

What you need:

  • Some little pointy pixie hats. These are easily made from material or even a pointed cone of card.
  • Home made fishing rods - simple sticks with string and a bent nail is fine
  • Spray cans of shaving foam or dairy cream (keep these hidden)
Party Games For Teens Line up some guests sitting on chairs with pixie hats and fishing rods in the manner of garden gnomes. For added realism you can buy plastic gnome ears from party stores.

Then you say

"Just one thing missing
Whoever heard of a garden gnome without a beard and whiskers?"

You then reveal the spray cans and each gnome is given a nice creamy beard.

They must remain in their gnome poses at all times (but you may like to have a spare bit of material to cover the gnome's clothes)

Judge your gnomes - The Beardie with the most applause wins!

Don't forget to take some photographs.

Teenage girls seem to love doing this one to their boyfriends (funny that!)

Ho Ho Ho! This game also makes a great Christmas Party game with red Santa hats on top of volunteer Father Christmases.

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