Party Games For Toddlers

Party Games
For Toddlers

All the best party games for toddlers

Toddler party games should be simple but fun. They really don't have to be complicated or sophisticated.

Toddlers like the familiar.

Any game that they might know from nursery is a surefire winner.

Below however are a simple selection of great toddler party games:

Party Games For Toddlers - What's The Weather?

~This is a very simple game but is a great way for starting a party~

You need 4 pictures of different weather - Size A4 (20 x 30cms)

  • Sunshine
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Snow

You will need 2 copies of each.

These can be painted or downloaded from the internet. A clip-art weather search in Google will usually find something suitable.

The game is very, very simple.

Stick your 4 pictures in the different corners of the room.

You stand in the middle of the room and say

What's the weather today? - Sunshine

You hold up the spare picture of Sunshine.

The children (who will often prefer to at least start off holding their parent's hands) then run to the appropriate corner.

You then work your way through all the pictures. Each time the children have to run to the right corner.

Once they realize that that is all there is to it the children really love this and there is a mad scramble every time a new picture is shown. Work your way through the different weathers several times.

The grande finale - This is a cute little way to finish this game. Make your last corner Rain. This time you go over to the corner with the children holding an umbrella and say "Well if its going to rain I better put up my umbrella. As you put it up all the little tissue paper raindrops (you hid in there earlier) come fluttering down on top of the children.

Party Games For Toddlers - Traffic Lights

~ Time to give your toddlers a bit of vroom~

Make yourself 3 A4 pictures of Traffic Lights. Just a circle of Red, Amber and Green on a black background are fine.

The children motor around the room pretending to be cars and lorries. Every so often you hold up a card and call out:

  • Red Light (Everyone must stop)
  • Orange Light (They must move slowly)
  • Green Light (They can travel as normal)

For an extra bit of fun during red light stops you could have a policeman come and check that all the cars are indeed totally still!

Party Games For Toddlers - Toddler Horses

~Toddlers love this. Particularly the fact that the mums have to join in too~ Toddler Party What you need:

  • Scarves or strips of material for reins

The toddlers are little horses.

First they must have their reins put on - a scarf around the tummy is fine.

You may like to pair 2 little horses together.

Then with a Gee Up off you go -the horses walking slowly, the Mums (or Dads) holding the reins behind.

The adult leader gives instructions as you trot round the room "

Walk - Trot - Canter - Jump over the ditch "etc

When the horses are tired out it's:

" Back to the stable - Take off the reins - Give your little horse a pat and an apple - All the horse lie down to sleep - Night Night horses"
Party Games For Toddlers - Hide The Teddy

~Where has that naughty Teddy gone?~

This is as simple as it sounds. Show the children a small teddy or other toy then take them out of the way while you hide it somewhere.

Get them back in and call hotter / colder as they try to find the teddy. You could say that whoever finds the teddy gets to hide it for the next round.

Party Games For Toddlers - Jack-In-The-Box

~Don't think this is too simple. This game is the height of sophisticated suspense and excitement when you are 2!~

All the children sit on a cushion on the floor.

You wander around amongst them humming an innocent little tune building the tension. Until you suddenly say Jack-in-the-box!

All the children have to jump up like jacks while you pretend to have been scared out of your wits. Simply repeat as many times as you want.

Party Games For Toddlers - Mixed Up Pictures

~I'd recognize that face anywhere!~

Toddler Party Games

This game involve a bit of preparation (but nothing too taxing). Young children love it though, its always a real smash hit. Parents too quite like this one - something about seeing a cute picture of their little one.

  • 1. In advance you need a picture of all the guests. This is easiest done if the other parents email you a picture. You could put your request on the party invitation. Pictures that are mostly head and shoulders work best.
  • 2. Enlarge the pictures to A4 (30 x 20cms) size
  • 3. Print out one copy of each. You may like to print onto card or can stick the printed pictures onto cardboard.
  • 4. Place a small coloured sticker or draw a circle in marker pen in the 4 corners of each picture. Use a different colour for each picture.
  • 5. Cut each picture into 4 quarters.

All the pictures are mixed up and placed on the floor. The children (helped by parents if needed) then have to find the four quarters that make up their picture. The coloured dots can help here.

When everyone has their 4 pieces they have to line up and put them together on the floor in front of them. The children love the novelty of seeing themselves made into a simple jigsaw.

Then you can say "Right lets see who we've got" and work your way down the line calling out the names of the children and giving each one a clap for getting their picture right.

Party Games For Toddlers - Stick my nose on

~Where's my nose?~

This is a great toddler version of pin the tail on the donkey. But makes it special for the Birthday girl or boy.

What you need:

  • A large piece of paper or card. Office flip chart size is ideal. (You could also stick several pieces of plain A4 paper to a flattened cardboard box).
  • Some stickers
  • A marker pen

You sit the children in a circle and ask the birthday girl or boy to step forward.

They lay down on the paper and you carefully draw around the top of their body from about the waist up including arms, hands etc.

When they get up you have their outline on your paper.

Ask the children what else you should put on. Prompt them if necessary.

Have some fun, for instance if they say eyes say "Oh yes Hannah's got 3 eyes hasn't she?" The children will find this hilarious and howl you down.

Fill in everything on your picture except for the nose

Then you say Well that's everything done apart from the nose. I'm no good with noses. Do you think that you could help me?"

The children are all given a sticker. These could just be red circles or office address labels with a picture of a nose drawn or downloaded (google nose clip art) on to it. Add the child's initials.

In turn the children are blindfold (or have Mum's hands put over their eyes) and put their sticker on the picture. When everyone has had a go get the Birthday girl / boy to stand next to their portrait. "Right its time to have a look where their nose actually is. Hmmm?

Tease anyone who was miles away. The nearest to the right spot wins a prize.

If you know any great party games for toddlers please share them with us. If they're good we will add them to the site.

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