Princess Party Ideas

Princess Party Ideas

Because all girls dream of being a beautiful princess

And on this page are all the best Princess Party Ideas you could ever need to turn your daughter's birthday into a Right Royal Occasion!

Princess Party Invitations

Your daughter will probably want to invite the guests to her Father's Castle for a Grand Ball.

All the most beautiful princesses in the land will be attending.

But first you may want to check that only real princesses are invited.

How do you do that?

Well remember The Princess and the Pea?

Attach a small dried pea or bean to your invitation in order that your guests can sleep with it under their mattresses the night before. If they are black and blue in the morning they know that they must be a true princess! And do you know what? - They nearly always are!

This is one of those simple princess party ideas that kids will love!

Princess Party Decorations

Well castles must have big imposing front doors.

With signs telling the princesses to knock loudly in order that a servant may come and open the door.

Inside all must be fine rich fabrics. Shields and Coats of Arms can be painted on to card and hung on the walls along with hanging banners.

Toy swords and armour begged from brothers and friends also make great castle props.

A throne is easily made from an old wooden chair. Cover it in rich fabrics (old curtains or similar and stick gold coloured decorations on to it to give it a regal air.

Princess Party Costumes

The princesses will no doubt be wearing their finest ball gowns. Long gloves and plenty of jewelery add a touch of refinement.

Crowns and tiaras are a classic look! Pointy princess hats are easily made from a cone of decorated card with floaty net and other material added as decoration.

Adult helpers (who will probably be servants) -if you have no doublet and hose in your wardrobe (and we hope that you have at least looked!) you can very easily make a simple servants tabbard from a piece of old material adorned with heraldic emblems.

Turn Grandma into an extra - Grandparents make great old kings and queens and should be sat in a place of prominence wearing gold card crowns and simple robes of old curtains and bedspreads.

Princess Party Games

Princess party games should be elegant, sophisticated and regal - But should still be lots of fun. Even the most highborn princess still enjoys a good giggle!

Princess Party Ideas - Make A Princess Crown

~This is a great activity to start your party with~

Princess Party Games

Have a table set up with craft equipment glue, tape, scissors, paper clips etc.

Gold and silver card can be bought from craft supply stores and you may like to have some card cut into rough crown shapes ready. Decorate your crowns with plastic jewels, glitter coloured paper and stickers.

Trim them with fake fur and material.

All the princesses can of course take their crowns home with them

Princess Party Ideas - Good Morning Your Highness

~This is a simple game but generally sets the princesses off giggling~

The Birthday Princess is blindfold. The others then take turns in saying "Good Morning Your Highness" The blindfolded princess then has to guess who has just said good morning.

Disguising your voice by talking in a funny way etc all adds to the fun.

Princess Party Ideas -Pass the Smile

~A wicked fairy has put a spell on the kingdom. It will become the gloomiest place in the world. Everyone will frown and scowl at each other all the time. Fortunately a good fairy is trying to help. She has made a magic smile. But only one person can wear it at any time~

Sit the princesses in a circle. They must all scowl and frown. But then you give a magic smile to one of the princesses.

Immediately she has a lovely broad grin on her face but she may only keep the smile for a few moments. Then she has to wipe it off her lips and pass the magic smile to the next person to put on. The minute she has passed it on she becomes gloomy like the others. All except the next princess who is now wearing the magic smile.

In this way the smile is passed around the circle. When it has been around a certain number of times (depending on the number of children but 3 is often a good lucky number) the spell will be broken and everyone can be happy again!

Princess Party Idea

Princess Party Ideas -Kiss The Frog 1

~ You know those handsome princes - always annoying witches and getting themselves turned into frogs before expecting some poor princess to free them with a kiss!~

What you need :

  • 6 Identical copies of a picture of a frog either painted yourself or downloaded from the internet (A4 size 30 x 20cms)
  • 5 Copies of a picture of a wicked witch
  • 1 picture of a handsome prince
Stick the witch and prince pictures to the back of each of the frogs. You may like to laminate them.

Shuffle the cards and lay them frog side up on the royal table.

Each princess comes up in turn and kisses a frog. The card she chooses is turned over to see if she chose the prince. The cards are then shuffled and placed out again and the next princess has a try.

Any princess lucky enough to find the prince also wins a small prize.

Princess Party Ideas -Pucker Up Princess / Kiss The Frog 2

~More kissing frogs. - Honestly the things a princess has to go through!~

What you need :

  • A large picture of a Frog about 70 x 70cms.
  • A blindfold.
  • A lipstick.

The princesses all put a little bit of lippy on. Then each in turn is blindfolded.

Turn them around a few times before asking them to plant a smacker on the frog.

The lipstick imprint will remain. Quickly add the princesses initials.

When all have tried, the kiss nearest the frogs's snout wins.

Princess Party Ideas -The King's Ring

~This is a simple treasure hunt game.~

The princesses are taken away whilst the king's ring is hidden somewhere in the room. When they return the princesses hunt for the ring.

Lost Fortune- A variation on this is to hide gold chocolate coins around the room for the clever princesses to find.

Princess Party Activities

Princess Party Ideas -Magic Beans

~A wicked fairy (yes her again!) has put a spell on some beans. Anyone who touches them will be turned to stone~

What You need:

  • A bag of dried kidney beans or jelly beans.
  • A teaspoon for each princess.

To break the spell the princesses must move the beans from a silver plate back to a magic cup but they must not touch the beans with any part of their bodies.

Instead they they must form lines and carefully pass each bean back along the line between them using just the silver spoons. The team with the most beans in their cup at the end wins

Tip - the best technique is for the giver to hold her spoon just above the receiver and drop it into the next spoon and so on down the line.

Princess Party Ideas - Magic Slippers

~The princesses have been to a wonderful ball. But as they were leaving they lost their magic slippers. Who can find the right slippers and marry the handsome prince?~

Sit your princesses on the floor in a circle. They must now all remove their shoes (magic slippers) and place them in a heap in the middle.

Each princess is then blindfolded.

On your command all the princesses hunt through the slippers until they think they have found the right pair which they must put on. Be on hand to prevent bumped heads etc. When they have put on their slippers they return to the outside of the circle where they can remove their blindfolds and watch the rest of the fun.

The first princess to find her slippers gets to marry the prince. You may like to have a picture for her to kiss. The last one to finish has to kiss the frog!

Another variation on this is to quietly remove one child's shoes and replace them with a pair of old boots. When they are left at the end looking for their proper shoes you can say "Oh well you'll just have to wear what's left" and help her put them on. When she takes off her blindfold she sees that she has become a princess in hobnails!

Princess Party Ideas - Pass The Slipper

~This is a simple variation on pass the parcel~

Sit the princesses on the floor in a circle and pass around a fancy slipper or a crown. Whoever has it when the music stops has to get up and do a small royal curtsy to win a small prize. The game continues until everyone has been lucky (pay attention dad you are in control of the CD player!).

Princess Party Ideas - For Younger Princesses:

princess birthday party ideas

Sleeping Beauties

The princesses are dancing at the ball but when the music stops a wicked witch (mum, dad, big sister) appears. She casts a spell

You are all enjoying yourselves my dears
But now you'll sleep for a hundred years!,

The princesses all fall to the ground asleep. Woah betide any the witch catches moving or giggling!

Repeat as many times as its fun!

Stone Princess

The princesses are dancing at the ball but when the music stops a wicked witch appears and with a magic spell-

You shall no longer be made of flesh and bone
Turn these princesses into stone!

-turns everything to stone. The princesses have a good fairy watching over them so they are not turned to stone but they must pretend to be or the wicked witch will know she has been tricked.

Any princess the witch catches moving is out.

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