Safari Birthday Party

Safari Birthday Party Ideas

Off to Africa we go!
All the best Safari Birthday Party Ideas.

A safari party is a popular choice with both boys and girls. It can take place inside, though only if you have plenty of room, or in the great outdoors.

Safari Party Invitations

The best invitation would be some type of map. You could always cut up an old map and stick it to invitation cards. Or draw your own. You could also use pictures of compasses etc.

Alternatively you could use card cut outs of African animals.

Or attach your invites to small plastic animals.

Wording - Invite your guest to join you on an "Exciting Safari Adventure" remind them to bring their explorer's gear and make sure they have had their "Anti- snakebite jabs!"

Safari Party Decorations

You are going for a mixture of African Plains and green jungle.

Wind green and brown card and paper "vines" around doorways and furniture.

If you have any suitable pot plants find good places for them.

Cardboard trees and plants will also give a nice jungle feel.

Any animal print fabric you have can also add to the safari feel.

Hang posters and downloaded pictures of African animals on the walls.

If you are outside, a small tent and campsite makes a great base-camp.

Safari Party Costumes

Safari Costumes

This one is quite easy.

Khaki shirts and shorts. Thick socks and boots. Bush hats and other accessories such as belts, binoculars and knapsacks.

Some children may prefer to dress up as jungle animals.

Safari Birthday Party Games

Fearless explorers prefer nice active games. Many traditional party games can easily be adapted and given a safari twist.

Safari Birthday Party Games - Ostriches and Elephants
~A simple game especially good for younger children~

What you need:

  • A picture of an elephant
  • A picture of an ostrich

First show the children the pictures of the 2 animals and the actions they need to do.

The ostrich is a tall bird with a long neck so the children must hold one arm up in the air for a neck and head and the other behind them for some bottom tail feathers. The elephant is big with a long trunk so the children must hold one of their arms like a trunk and trumpet.

Pin the pictures at opposite ends of the room. Play some music and get the children to do the jungle boogie .

Every so often you stop the music and shout either "Ostrich" or "Elephant".

The children then have to rush to the appropriate end of the room making the actions and noises for that creature.

After a few goes you could add an element of competition by having the last child each time being out (but becoming a judge to help you ) each time.

The final contest between just 2 children will be a mad rush to decide the winner.

Safari Birthday Party Games - Big Game Hunters
~Which team of hunters can find all the animals first?~

What you need;

  • Some small plastic animals or some cards with the pictures of different animals on
  • Some lengths of rope

Hide your animals or animal cards around your venue or garden before the guests arrive.

Divide your safari party guests into teams of 3 or 4 and tie each person to their team members in a line. Safari Party Give each team a list of the animals they must find.

Finding between 6 and 8 animals makes for a good safari so you need to have the appropriate number of zebras, elephants, crocodiles etc - 1 for each team to find. For younger children you may like to have a list with pictures.

The teams of big game hunters then have to find and bring back to base camp, 1 of each of the animals on your list. This is of course made more complicated by the fact they are all joined together.

The first team to find all the animals on the list wins.

Safari Birthday Party Games - Snake Leap
~Don't get in a pickle with a python~

What you need:

  • 2 snakes made from long stuffed socks or stockings. Add googly eyes and tongues for extra realism

Lay the snakes parallel to each other about 30cms apart.

The safari party guests then have to line up and take turns to leap over them.

Once everyone has jumped the snakes are moved further apart.

Everyone then jumps again.

This continues.... every round the snakes being moved further apart and the jump becoming more difficult.

Anyone who lands on a snake is bitten by its poisonous fangs and is out.

Eventually a snake leaping champion will emerge.

Safari Birthday Party Games - Elephant Races
~Its pachyderm pandemonium~

Safari Birthday Party Ideas

What you need:

  • 2 elephant trunks made from stuffed long socks or stockings with loops of elastic (to fit around the child's head) at the top.
  • 2 elephant tails made in a similar way but with a safety pin or other way of attaching them to a child's bottom. (If guests are wearing trousers they can simply be tucked in the waistband)
Divide the children into teams and the teams into pairs.

Each pair will become an elephant the front wearing a trunk and the rear a tail. The head bends over and reaches down while the tail reaches through the head's legs to hold their hand. Forming a perfect elephant.... you can hardly tell it from the real thing! Trumpeting can only add to the impression that you are on the African Plains!

Set up a suitable obstacle course for the elephants and run a series of relay races to find the fastest team of tuskers.

Safari Birthday Party Games - Rucksack Relay
~Whats in your rucksack?~

What you need:

  • 2 Rucksacks
  • 2 matching sets of explorer equipment- plates, mugs, binoculars, compasses, water bottles, torches, maps etc.

This is a simple relay race with a difference.

Divide your kids into 2 teams and line up at one end of your venue.

The explorers equipment is placed in 2 piles at the other end. You need either 1 or 2 items per child depending on numbers.

The first child in each team puts on the rucksack and when you say "go" has to run to the pile of gear, pickup one item, put it in the rucksack, put it back on and run back to their team. They hand the rucksack to the second team member who runs and does the same. The process is repeated until all team members have had a go either once or twice.

The first team back across the line with a full set of gear wins. if you wanted a longer race you could also have them race to put it all back one piece at a time.

If you had younger children you could have them collect toy animals in the rucksacks.

Do you have any great safari birthday party ideas?
Please share them with us. We will add all the best ideas to this site.

Have A Great Safari Party

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