Sesame Street Birthday Party

These Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas
Are toddler-tastic!

Sesame Street is the ever popular kids TV show from the USA.

Kids of all generations have always enjoyed watching the adventures of Elmo, Oscar, Grover, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and all the other inhabitants of this zany street.

Sesame Street also makes a great theme for a toddlers party or a party for younger children.

Sesame Street Invitations

There are several good invitations you can do for a Sesame Street party.

  • Sesame Street Sign - A simple card sign pointing to Sesame Street is really easy. Put all the party details on the back.
  • Sesame Street Map - Draw a map of Sesame Street with the characters from the show stuck on at various locations (you can easily download and print small pictures from the internet for this). Don't forget to include your party venue address right in the middle of Sesame Street.
  • Sesame Street Character - Pick your child's favourite character from the show and use downloaded pictures to form the basis of your invite. A particularly good one for this is The Count (who loves to count) showing how old the party girl or boy will be.

Sesame Street Decorations

There are plenty of online party stores where you can buy Sesame Street party supplies. But it is relatively easy and often good fun to make your own.

Download and print pictures of all the Sesame Street Characters and paste them around your venue. Letters and Numbers perhaps spelling out the name and age of the party person are also cool.

Don't forget a Sesame Street sign for your door.

Why not set up a garbage can for Oscar and a cookie table for the Cookie Monster

Use any soft toys that you have as props.

Instead of a traditional birthday cake you may like to bake a Monster Cookie to have your birthday candles on.

Sesame Street Party Games

Lots of traditional party games can easily be adapted and given a Sesame Street twist.

Sesame Street Birthday Party - Make A Sesame Street Stick-Puppet

This makes a great activity whilst guests are arriving.

Prepare in advance some blank card shapes of The Sesame Street characters. Provide pens and crayons and have the children colour in their shape.

Stick the completed cards to little canes to make neat little stick-puppets for the kids to take home.

Sesame Street Birthday Party Games - Sesame Street Corners
~Whose got Cookie Monsters cookies?~

This is a simple but fun way to get your party going.

What you need:

2 copies each A4 size pictures of-

  • Big Bird
  • The Count
  • Grover
  • Kermit

You will easily find these on the internet to download and print

(You may of course choose any other Sesame Street characters you prefer)

Stick a picture of each character in the 4 corners of your venue.

All the children stand in the middle. They dance around to Sesame Street music. But when the music stops you shout

"Oh No! Who has taken Cookie monsters cookies?

The children then have to rush to one of the four corners and stand underneath / by their chosen character (shy kids can run with Mum of course).

You then shuffle the remaining pictures and hold one up.

Any child who has chosen that character wins a little piece of cookie.

Then everyone back in the middle and do it all again.

Repeat as many times as you like.

Children love this game. Its simple but fun and even better when Mum joins in too!

Sesame Street Birthday Party Games - Grab Grover
~Not as easy as it sounds~

This is another very simple game but one that young children actually really like.

A card picture or soft toy of any Sesame Street character is attached to a long string.

In turn the children run to try to grab it whilst an adult pulls the string (hopefully keeping it just in front of the running child......until the end).

Sesame Street Birthday Party Games - Oscar's Garbage Can
~Can you find a can for Oscar?~

This is a Sesame Street version of musical chairs / islands.

Download and print A4 size pictures of garbage cans. One for each child.

Tape or blue tack them to the floor.

The kids dance to Sesame Street tunes but when the music stops they have to find a garbage can to jump on.

After a couple of practice goes start removing a can each time. Any child who cant find a can is out.

Continue until you find the best Oscar!

Sesame Street Birthday Party Games - Hunt For Elmo
~Elmo has gone missing. Can you help find him?~

This is a simple treasure hunt and can be worked in a number of ways with any character from the show.

You can hide:

  • Small toys from the series
  • Small Sesame Street sweets or other treats.
  • Sesame Street stickers
  • Small Sesame Street card pictures

This can take the form of a mass hunt (like an Easter Egg hunt) or a search for just one item first to find it wins a prize.

Tip: You can easily make your own Sesame Street stickers by downloading (then "computer" cut and paste) good pictures on to address labels.

Sesame Street Birthday Party Games - What's The Time Count von Count?
~Can you reach the Count before he catches you?~

An adult dresses up like Count von Count (vampire black cape etc). They then stand at the end of the room with their back to the children lined up at the other end.

The children cry "What's the time Count von Count?"

The count replies "3 o' clock" or any other time

The children (and parents) can then take 3 steps counting them out all together.

This is repeated a number of times with different o'clocks being given by the Count and the children taking the corresponding number of steps.

Eventually however as they ask "Whats the time Count von Count?" he shouts "Dinnertime!" and turns and chases the children who flee back to the back wall.

Repeat as many times as you want.

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