Slumber Party Games

Slumber Party

On this page we've put together all the best slumber party games because a great sleepover needs plenty of fun and frolics.

Slumber Party Games - Alter Egos

~A bit of role playing to get your party off to a flying start~

You are going to get your friends to act up.

With your party invitations ask you guests to come as a famous character (either of your choosing or someone they choose themselves). Do this a few days in advance in order that they may check out their character and organise any fancy dress or props they need. Tell them to keep their character secret.

Good characters might include:

  • Madonna
  • Cher
  • A character from your favourite TV Soap
  • Lara Croft
  • Dolly Parton
  • Your school head teacher / principal
Of course you don't have to stick to girls and women. It might be quite fun to have everyone come as a different fella... providing everyone doesn't want to be Jonny Depp!

For the first half hour or so of your party they should be in character and act out the role they have been assigned or chosen. This might involve using their mannerisms, catch-phrases or behaviour. Try to not make it too obvious at least in the first five minutes!

Give each guest an answer sheet and ask them to write down who they think each guest is playing. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

You could also have a small award for the person voted best actor.

Slumber Party Ideas - Dilemmas

~How well do you know your friends?~
Great Slumber Party Games
What You need:

  • Paper and pens

The aim of this game is to try to guess the preferences of another player.

One player at a time is sent outside the room. Their friends now have to think of a dilemma to pose them on their return.

For instance-

~Would you rather go around the world on a luxury yacht or holiday for a year in Hawaii?

~If you went to France would you rather eat frog's legs or escargot (snails)?

~If you could change the school uniform would you choose red or green?

~Would you rather write an award winning book or win the lottery?

~If you found a bank note in a shop would you hand it in or keep it?

~Would you rather meet Nelson Mandela or Brad Pitt?

Tailor your dilemmas to your group of friends but try to set real posers.

When the dilemma is agreed everyone has to guess how they think the person outside will answer. Record your guesses.

Invite the person back into the room and pose the dilemma to them. Score a point for every correct guess.

The game continues with another person leaving the room and everyone else thinking up a new dilemma.

Variation - You may like to set 2 dilemmas or more at a time.

Slumber Party Games - Sounds Like........?

~Can you fox your friends with the sounds of everyday objects~

What you need:

  • A way of recording sounds.

There are many ways to do this

  • Old fashioned tape recorder
  • Mobile phone
  • Hand held dictation machine
  • MP3 player

Before your party go around your house recording the noises of everyday objects.

Good examples are:

  • Kettle being filled and switched on
  • Someone washing up
  • Someone typing on the computer
  • Someone running a bath
  • Post dropping through the letter box
Either leave a gap between each recording or, if you have the techie know-how, transfer them via a computer to a cd.

Challenge your guests to guess the sounds correctly.

Slumber Party Games - Whats My Name?

~A game where everyone else knows the answer ......except you!~

What you need:

  • A pack of post it notes

Each person has a post it note with the name of a famous person written on it placed on their forehead. This should be done in such a way so that everyone in the room can read it except for them.

Everyone in turn then has to find out "who they are" by posing questions that can only be answered by yes or no.

For instance

  • Am I a fictional character?
  • Am I still alive?
  • Am I good looking?
  • Am I a sportsman

Some great possibilities for your post it celebrities are :

  • Jennifer Anniston
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Fergie
  • Madonna
  • Zac Efron
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Harry Potter
  • William Shakespeare
  • Marge Simpson

The winner is the person who can guess their name using the least number of questions.

Slumber Party Games - Clothes Peg Scramble

~Hanging out the washing was never this much fun~
Slumber Party Game What you need:

  • 7 clothes pegs for each guest.

Each guest attaches 7 clothes pegs to their clothes. These can be on their front, back, bottom or top.

Turn on some music and shout "Go".

The object of the game is to steal pegs from other people and peg them to yourself .

But, you are only allowed to hold 1 peg in your hand at any time.

Players dance around but any chance they get they must steal a peg from someone else. Whilst all the time trying not to lose any of their own.

Don't forget you can only have one peg in your hand at a time so the moment you have stolen a peg you must peg it on to yourself before you can grab another one.

This will lead to some fast and furious peg snatching!

The person with the most pegs attached to their clothes either after 2 minutes or at the end of the song wins.

Slumber Party Games - Shirt Changers

~Yes two into one does go!~

What you need:

  • some baggy old men's shirts.

People partner up and one puts the shirt on. The couple then hold hands.

They then have to transfer the shirt over the head of one and on to the other. Without breaking hands. You will need a helper.

The shirt will now be inside out but on the other person.

You can compete against the clock, other couples or divide into teams. Each time the shirt is safely on a person they grab the hands of the next person in their team and start again, the shirt making its way along the line.

Slumber Party Games - Chocs Away

Sleepover Party

~Are you ready for a choc challenge!~

This is one of those great slumber party games.

What you need:

  • A big bar of chocolate
  • A metal knife and spoon
  • A pair of oven gloves / mitts
  • A hat and scarf (the sillier the better)
  • A dice

Players sit in a circle and take turns to roll the dice. The first to roll a six puts on the hat, scarf and gloves. They then have to use the knife to cut off chunks from the chocolate and eat them using the spoon. Have a board for the chocolate chopping. Only regulation chunk sizes can be eaten at a time but the object is to cut and eat as much as you can.

Meanwhile all the other players frantically roll the dice hoping for another six. The minute six is rolled that person dresses up and takes over as chocolate eater while their friends try to roll another six in order that they can take over.

The game continues like this until all the chocolate is gone.

You can make it even trickier by making the first sixer unwrap the chocolate too.

Do you know any great Slumber Party Games?
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We will add all the best ideas to this site.

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