Slumber Party Planning

Slumber Party Planning

Great slumber party planning ideas
For a sleepover sensation!

First things first-

You need to get permission from your parents or (whoever is in charge).

Think carefully if you are going to have to persuade them. Have a good idea of how you can see your party going and what you might do.

Pick your moment to ask and have sensible answers ready for likely questions / objections!

Some good arguments to make your case:

  • Its my birthday and this would be a lot easier and cheaper than a big party.
  • My bedroom's just been decorated and I'd love to celebrate it with a sleepover party.
  • It would be a good way for you to meet all my friends, and see how nice they are.
  • I keep being invited to other girls slumber parties so really its my turn to host my own.
  • I'd love all my friends to see how great my Mum and Dad are!!

Slumber party planning ideas - How many guests?

This really all depends on how big your room is? You may plan to party but you have to sleep at some point!

If you can fit them in, five or six people in total is enough people to have plenty of fun, but still allow everyone to feel part of the gang.

Slumber party planning ideas - When?

Your sleepover really needs to be at the weekend or during the holidays. 6pm is usually a good time for your guests to arrive.

Slumber party invitations

Well you can buy some from the store but its loads better to make your own. That way you can personalise them which will make your invitations seem a lot more special. It can also be a lot more fun!

But........ do take your time and do it properly!

There are all sorts of craft ideas you could incorporate depending on what sort of a crowd you and your friends are?

Simple bed designs with Teds or girls in pajamas that pop out of envelopes are common and nice and straight-forward.

Inside write down all the details your guests need to know.


  • Where: exactly where the party is and how to get there.
  • Date and time the party starts.
  • Pick up time the next day
  • RSVP number

You may also like to include a list of things they should bring with them such as:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Pajamas or other comfy clothes to chill and sleep in
  • Wash bag and toothbrush

You may also like to ask them to bring things like

  • Make-up and nail varnish for make-overs
  • Favourite CD's, dvds

Slumber party planning ideas - Getting ready

Slumber Party Party Planning Ideas

On the day of your party have a good clear up. Tidy away any mess and rubbish and hoover the carpet in your room. You might need to move some of your furniture to fit all your friends in. Its always best to remove anything valuable or delicate in case of accidents.

If you plan to do a lot of dressing up and make-overs a nice big mirror in your room is a must. For make-overs it is also a good idea to clean your brushes and sort out a good supply of cotton wool etc.

Slumber party planning ideas - Checklist for the evening

Ok it seems a bit over the top but it will actually help your party work a lot better if you (and your parents) have a good idea of what is supposed to be happening.

Your plan does not have to be complicated for instance:

  • 6.00pm Guests arrive
  • 6.30pm Games - if you need props for your games have them ready
  • 7.30pm Food - Cooking supper / eating take-away pizza etc
  • 8.30pm Make-overs and hair styling
  • 9.30pm Chill time - gossip, movie or music
  • 10.30pm Lights out (Chatting in the dark etc)
Next day
  • 9am Breakfast
  • 10.00am Guests leave

Slumber party planning ideas - Being the perfect host

Its really important that you are the hostess with the mostess!

When your guests arrive-

Show them where everything is and where they can stash their gear.

Make sure your parents have a contact number for all your friends' parents.

Make sure all your guests know each other and introduce any that don't.

Teasing - Slumber parties are always most fun when there is lots of teasing, banter and sarcasm. Keep it fun though, and make sure that its all good humoured and none of your guests are being really picked on.

Try to include everyone. Some girls can be a bit shy, make sure everyone is included in all the fun.

Slumber party planning ideas - After your sleepover is ended

Make sure you help tidy up and thank your parents.

After all you want to do it again in a few months time don't you

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