Slumber Party Pranks

Slumber Party Pranks

All the greatest slumber party pranks!

Great slumber parties usually involve a lot of gossip and banter. Teasing, sarcasm and mickey taking are major components of the fun.

Pranks and practical jokes are also common.

After all you've got the perfect opportunity to play some neat tricks on your mates .... You wouldn't want to let that pass would you?

But what can you do. Well the first thing is to try to come up with something that is funny but not really horrible. These are your friends after all.

Also beware of falling into the trap of picking on just one person. Its easy to unintentionally move into bullying mode.

So have fun but remember you will have to live with the person you prank!

Now for some great ideas for slumber party pranks:

The feather and the shaving cream

The old ones are always the best and the funny thing about this one is that people end up doing most of this to themselves.

Basically you wait until someone is asleep. Then carefully smear shaving cream / chocolate spread or similar on their hand. Then you tickle their nose with a feather.

As they sleepily rub their nose they end up covering themselves in a right mess.

Repeat until you are discovered or can't see their face for cream!

Slumber Party Pranks

Bra freezer

This is for older girls.

When the first person falls asleep rummage through their clothes and pop their bra in the freezer overnight.

Enjoy her "polar discomfort" in the morning!

Toothbrush ice cube tray

This is a variation on the one above. When people are asleep nab their toothbrushes and freeze the heads in an ice cube tray.

Immerse the head in the freezing water and leave overnight. In the morning the heads will be encased in an ice cube. Pop the ice cube toothbrushes out in the morning just before the girls want to brush their teeth!

Jelly Jewelery

This is another one of those slumber party pranks that need to be set up overnight.

Pinch someone's rings, bracelets, spare pants or glasses and set them in jelly / jello.

Very funny in the morning when you turn them out of the mould. Note - do not do this with mobiles or watches.

Horrible hand

You can make a really realistic horrible hand by filling a glove with flour.

Latex gloves (the sort used by dentists, doctors, mechanics etc are best but washing up gloves or thin leather ones work well too. Seal the end so the flour doesn't leak out. You could put your hand on a stick if you like.

Use your horrible hand to get up to all sorts of tricks after the lights are out.

Mystery boyfriend

This is cool, get a picture of the school hunk or someone who is definitely not the school hunk on your digital camera or phone.

It could also be that certain someone that one of your girlfriends has her eye on or is desperately trying to keep away from!

Load it up on your computer and crop the picture so its mostly head / face. Print off an A4 page size copy.

This can be deployed in various ways. You could make a mask so the mystery man just keeps popping up at unexpected moments! Or how about sticking the face to a small cushion and our friend finding herself sharing a pillow with Prince Charming!

Whoopee cushion

You can buy these from jokes shops or online. Wait till its dark then let out a real rip-snorter!

Slumber Party

Eat the goldfish

A cool trick if you have a goldfish bowl in you room. Hide a piece of carrot in your hand. Plunge your hand into the water and pull out the "struggling gold fish". Watch your friends aghast faces as you pop it straight in your mouth!

"H'mm tasty anyone else want one?"

Mobile Madness

Set a mobile phone on vibrate and hide it in someone's sleeping bag or pillow. Wait till they're settled and make a call!

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