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Many lads and increasingly girls are mad on soccer (called football in every country other than the USA)

Its only natural therefore that a Soccer Birthday Party is a popular choice for slightly older kids.

The great thing about a soccer birthday party is that providing you have the space it's reasonable straightforward to organise.

Soccer Party Invitations

Time to get creative with your kids. There are all sorts of card variations you can do on soccer:

  • Footballs - as simple as it gets - a round card done like a football with the party details on one side
  • Goalposts - with the party details in the back of the net
  • Pictures of footballers - hinge the kicking legs with paper fasteners for extra effect
  • Pictures of cups or trophies
  • Pictures of goal celebrations
  • Mock cup final ticket

Venue And Decorations

If you plan to hold your party outdoors make sure your space is big enough for a good game. You will also need to consider toilet facilities and somewhere for the party tea. Using the pitch and facilities of a local sports club is a good plan. Schools, youth clubs and village halls may also be able to help.

Holding the party indoors in a hall or sports facility is also fine but may limit the number of guests you can invite. If you are indoors do ensure that you will not break anything including windows with your soccer party games. Special foam balls are available for indoor training and these should really be used in preference to normal footballs.

If your kids are soccer nuts it is likely that they will have no end of pictures, posters, team-shirts, supporters favours and other paraphenalia. Use this to decorate your venue.

Another good tip is to visit local sports shops to see if they can spare any old advertising materials or promotional posters.

Soccer Party Fancy Dress

This is really pretty straightforward and most kids will mostly come in team strips and track suits of their favourite clubs. Half the fun of supporting a team is flaunting their colours in front of your rivals. You should stipulate however whether kids should bring proper football boots or just training shoes.

Parents and adult helpers could dress as club managers / coaches or as referees. At the very least a club scarf or other favor.

Another great option is to go for a "Silly Soccer Party". With this everyone wears fancy dress. The more outlandish the better. Imagine the fun of a game where Batman passes the ball to a fireman who knocks it on to someone dressed as a dinosaur who rounds a defender dressed as a viking and shoots it past the goalie who's dressed as a clown!

Soccer Party Games

Of course you will want to have a good game of soccer at sometime in the party but a few nice football related games will also go down well.

Soccer Challenges

These really depend on the ability of your young soccer superstars:

  • Furthest kick - this can be made more interesting by using your weaker leg or combining the total distance of left then right kicks.
  • Furthest throw in
  • Kicking from goal line into centre circle
  • Kicking the ball as close to a line as possible without crossing it
  • Chipping into cardboard boxes
  • Keepy-Uppy - how long can 1 or more players keep the ball in the air.
  • Shooting between cones from an increasing distance

    Soccer Relays

    There are all sorts of simple team relay races you can set up with a soccer element.

    ie Slalom dribbling between posts

    You can however make interesting little twists

    How about having a team stand in a staggered line all with legs apart. In turn the team members then have to dribble the ball from player to player kicking it between their legs (nutmegging) each time. When they reach the end they pass the ball to the next player and take their place back in the line.

    For younger kids very simple elements like having to keep your arms folded or hands on your heads whilst kicking can add a cute bit of novelty.

    Blindfold Football

    Team members are blindfolded in turn and then have to undertake various soccer challenges such as penalties or dribbling a set course. It is up to them whether they heed the helpful advice shouted by fellow team members.

    Two Ball Football

    Soccer Birthday Party

    This is a novel variation on a simple game. All you do is add a second ball to a match. You may wish to limit the size of the pitch slightly however to avoid ending up with 2 separate games going on.

    One Touch or Two Touch Football

    This is a standard coaching technique to encourage fast accurate passing. It also is a good way of ensuring that better or bigger players cannot dominate a match.

    Crab Football

    This works best if you are inside and with no more than five a side. All players should remove their shoes. Both teams play sitting down - scuttling around after the ball like crabs.

    It works best with big goals and either no goalkeepers or goalies that cannot handle the ball.

    Best Goal Celebration

    This is a great way to end your soccer party and can be a great way of kids collecting their soccer party bags / soccer party favors.

    In turn every guest shoots a goal and then embarks on an elaborate goal celebration of their own invention to be judged by their team-mates.

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