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Super spy party ideas
Perfect for any secret agent that likes to party!

A spy birthday party is a great party theme, popular with boys but just as much fun for young female secret agents.

A good spy party takes a little bit of preparation but nothing too difficult.

Spy Party Invitations

Spy Party Ideas

These should take the form of an invitation to take part in some kind of special mission.

Send out your invitations in a plain envelope marked Top Secret.

Inside something along the lines of

You are required by-
The National Party Operations Unit
To report for a very special mission.
Target location ( Address of party )
Target date ( Date )
Operation commences ( Time - use 24 hr clock)

Extra operations training will be necessary.

Wear appropriate concealment clothing (disguise)

Free Spy Party Invitations - Click Here

Spy Party Costumes

This is reasonably easy. Spies wear suits and raincoats with the collars up. They have special watches and other gadgets. They also wear trilby type hats and sunglasses. False moustaches or beards are another interesting option.

They tend to carry briefcases or newspapers.

Spy Party Games

As you can see below there are plenty of simple kids party games that can easily be adapted for a spy party.

The important thing is to take a little time to try to make things look authentic. Just pulling the instructions for a game out of an envelope marked Top Secret can make all the difference.

You can easily design or download little secret motifs, codewords and spy pictures from the internet. Print them out and add them to your props.

Similarly if when explaining games you state something like "Now all good spies need to be…....."

One plan for the entire party that you may like to incorporate is to call the event a spy training day. You could give out a little certificate at the end to all "successful" spies.

Free Spy Training Certificates - Click Here

Spy Party Games - Kim's Game / Memory Tray
~Quiet concentration and a good memory are needed for this classic spy test~

This game takes its name from the young spy hero of Rudyard Kipling's famous book Kim.

It is very easy to do but very popular.

In advance you need to prepare a tray with small objects, ornaments and nic-nacs. For kids aged 7+ you need about 25 different pieces.

Suitable items include:

KeyPlaying card Coin
ScrewdriverPen Watch
Mobile phoneTrain ticket Stamp
DartComb Packet of gum
BroochFir cone Small toy
BadgeCandle Medal
Paper clipCoil of string Weight
WalletTeacup Scissors
Small bookBox of matches Lemon

These are just some examples you can use pretty much anything you like. It is fun to mix smaller items with ones that really stand out.

Divide your children into teams of about 5. You may like to assign each one an adult helper to act as secretary. Spy Party Kims Game Put your tray of objects in the middle of the children.

They have 1 minute to look at the tray. You could turn the tray every 15 seconds.

Then remove the tray.The children now have to go off and try to remember as many items on the tray as they can. These all being written down.

After a set amount of time - judge this but about 4 mins is usually sufficient.

Read out all the objects they should have remembered and mark the sheets to find the winning team.

Free Kim's Game Answer Sheets - Click Here

Spy Party Games - Agent In Disguise
~Can you guess who lurks behind the disguise?~

This is another great game for wanna-be spies.

What you need:

  • A large number of dressing up items such as shirts, coats, scarves, hats, wigs, sunglasses etc
  • A briefcase

Divide your children into 2 teams.

Take one team out of sight and let them choose their disguises.

The other team sit in a line.

One by one the disguised agents walk along in front of them. The first child carries and leaves behind a briefcase. The second child then walks the line and collects it. This continues until all the disguised agents have walked the line.

The other team have to try to identify the agents as they walk past. They could simply call this out but you may like to use an answer sheet. The winning team is the one who guesses most agents correctly.

Tip - An adult should supervise the disguised agents and record the order they walk out. It may also be necessary to perform a "credibility check" i.e. you are not allowed to wrap a scarf totally around your head etc.

Free Agent in Disguise Answer Sheets - Click here

Spy Party Games - Find The Traitor
~Agent or traitor? You decide~

This is a spy party version of duck duck goose.

The children sit in a large circle feet facing inwards. Space them out if you have fewer kids and plenty of room. One child is chosen to be the spy.

They walk around the outside of the circle gently tapping each child on the head. As they tap each child they say "Agent". After passing by a few agents they suddenly tap the next child on the head and shout "Traitor".

They then set off running around the outside of the circle. The traitor must jump up and chase them around the outside. The first child tries to run completely around the circle and sit down where the traitor once was without being tagged.

An alternative is to have them run around the circle in opposite directions.

If they make it the chasing Traitor then becomes the spy and the game is repeated until everyone has had a go.

Spy Party Games - Pass The Bomb
~Quick as you can but don't panic!~

If you have the popular kid's game Pass The Bomb this is a doddle. The game contains a simple plastic bomb that conceals a timer and buzzer.

If you don't you can simply make a fake bomb. A few 20 cms lengths of dowel rods (broom handle) painted red and taped together with a few important looking wires hanging out to make a nice home made effort.

Divide your kids into 2 teams and line them up on opposite sides of the venue. Walk down each line giving each player a number. They must stay in numbered positions.

Its best to have the 1 on one side directly opposite the 10 (if there were 20 kids) on the other etc

The game is quite simple. The unexploded bomb is placed in the hands of any player.

An adult calls a number and the bomb holder must run and place (no chucking) the bomb in the hands of that numbered person on the opposite team before returning to their own place. Another number is quickly called and the new bomb holder has to quickly carry it back to that number on the other side. The game continues at quite a pace until the bomb goes off.

The team not holding the bomb when it goes off wins a point / prize.

Repeat as many times as you like.

If using a home-made bomb simply have an adult use a stopwatch to mark different times (30 to 90 seconds) before sounding a hooter, banging a tin tray or similar.

For added fun everyone can shout bang whenever a bomb goes off.

Spy Party Games - Code-breaker
~Brains not brawn decide this contest~

This spy party game takes a little preparation but is well worth it.

It can take various forms but basically the spies need to crack a code to open a box.

Any suitable box can be used - a document box works well.

The code is on the padlock.

Spy Birthday Party

The padlock in the picture (available from stationers and hardware stores) has a letter code that can be set to a specific word or name but a number code will also work fine.

The kids can work as teams or (if less than 10 in number) as one big group

Finding the code - There are various ways you can do this. Use your imagination but it is best not to get too complicated:

  • Hide letters (printed on card) around the venue. The letters spell the codeword i.e. Alice. If using a number lock each letter would also have a small number at the foot of each card which when the letters are arranged in the right order reveal the number combination.

  • Have A4 size pictures of animals cut into 4 or 5 pieces scattered around the venue. By piecing together the pictures the spies take the first letter of each animal to spell the code. Or for number codes each completed picture has a small number added. The codeword still needs to be worked out using the first letter of each animal and then the corresponding pictures reveal the number code in order.

  • If you have enough room devise a series of clues that take the spies all around your venue with perhaps every other clue revealing a letter or number before sending you on to the next place to search. When you find the last letter or number you have the code.
    • Clue 1 - Where taps are turned and teeth are clean another clue will soon be seen. ( next clue is in the washroom)
    • Clue 2 - Where autumn leaves fall on the ground another clue will surely be found (next clue is under the trees in the backyard)
    • Clue 3 - Where dinner's made and people cook you need to go and take a look (next clue is in the kitchen)
    • Clue 4 - Where folks lie down and close their eyes another clue would be no surprise (next clue is in the bedroom)
    • Clue 5 - If the next clue you wish to know then its to an old person you must go (next clue is somewhere on or near Grandad)
    • Clue 6 - The next clue is not so very far perhaps by where we park the car (next clue is in the garage)
    • Clue 7 - Your going great now here's a sign - All will be revealed in good time (the next clue is behind a clock)
    • Clue 8 - You're getting close nearly all the clues are gone but where do you turn a square box on? (next clue is in the television room)
    • Clue 9 - Pressures on but don't get tense, the next clues by the garden fence (next clue back in the garden)
    • Clue 10 - The secret code is nearly done now go back to where this puzzle first begun

    There are all sorts of neat variations you can do on this basic idea. A lot of it depends of course on the size and age of your kids. The clues could also be photographs of various locations around your venue. Each photo showing where to go next


There are many other ways of presenting clues but do not try to be too clever.

If you only have a padlock with a key your clever clues could all point to the key's hiding place.

Of course once the spies have worked out the clues and found the codeword or number they are free to try to use it to open the box. Inside of course is the Top Secret File …….. or at least some sweets!

Spy Party Games - Top Secret Tug Of War
~Can you get the secret files back to your base~

Kids love tug of war and its a great finish to a spy birthday party.

Give it a simple secret agent twist by having a "Top Secret File" attached to the middle of the rope.

Each team has to try to pull it back to their base.

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