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Teenagers Party Games - I'm a man / woman who....
This is a neat variation on charades.

Everyone is given a piece of paper with a characteristic which is funny and topical and which they should keep secret.

The characteristic should be carefully chosen to be the sort of thing that is easily demonstrated.

Some examples are:

  • Who Is Like A Bear With A Sore Head
  • Who Eats 3 Dinners
  • Man Who Dances With Men
  • Man Afraid of His Girlfriend
  • Woman Who Loves Chocolate
  • Man Who Loves Women's Clothes
  • Man Who Breaks Wind
  • Woman Who Hates Football
  • Man Who Loves Knees
  • Man Who Has Just Got An Arrow In The Eye
  • A Woman who Is Like A Drunken Elephant
  • A Man Who Skips Like A Girl
  • A Woman Who Is Obsessed With Housework
  • Whose Nose Won't Stop Running
  • Who Thinks They Are Royalty
  • Whose Shoes Are On Fire
  • Who Is A Rubbish Magician

One by one everyone has to demonstrate, by miming or acting out, their characteristic while everyone else guesses.

Teenagers Party Games - Picture Proverbs

You need to be quick on the draw with these well known proverbs

What you need:

  • A large backboard and chalk or a large presentation pad of blank paper and marker pens.
  • A timer

This is simple.

Divide into teams. In turn each team member is secretly given a proverb or saying.

They have to draw it out whilst their team guess.

Set a time limit of 2 minutes max.

Total the seconds taken guessing each proverb for both teams. The quickest guessers win.

Some great proverbs are:

  • Birds of a feather flock together
  • A rolling stone gathers no moss
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth
  • Many hands make light work
  • A stitch in time saves nine

You will find plenty of others in books or on the web.

Other options for your artistic party-goers are:

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • TV adverts
  • Pop songs
  • Christmas carols

Teenagers Party Games - Walk The Line

This is an easy but intriguing game if you have a bit of room.

Remove everyones watches and mobile phones.

Line your guests up at one end of your venue.

Show them a line marked at the other end. Or it could be the wall.

When you say go they have to walk to that line.

They have to plan their walk to take exactly one minute moving a slowly or quickly as they see fit - but they must keep moving at all times.

Anyone who arrives at the line before a minute is up is out and steps to the side.

At exactly one minute shout "Stop" or sound a hooter

The winner is the one closest to the line.

Teenagers Party Games - Body Balloons

What you need:

  • A balloon for every couple at you party

Couples stand facing each other with an inflated balloon between their chests.

On the word "Go" one of each couple begins to slowly drop down, keeping the balloon between their bodies (no hands allowed).

That person then works their way between the legs of their partner and up the other side.

They should end up standing back to back with the balloon between their backs.

If you are outside a water balloon can turn this into a great Summer party game

Teenagers Party Games - Pat My Knee

This came sounds simple until you try it!

Sit everyone in a circle cross-legged on the floor or seated on chairs quite close to each other.

Each person puts a hand on the knees either side of them creating a network of crossed arms.

A pat on the knee is now passed around the circle.

This will start off slowly but you will soon get the hang of it.

When you have your speed up anyone who makes a mistake reverses the order.

This can lead to some frantic changes and a lot of laughter.

Teenagers Party Games - Flying Marshmallows

What you need;

  • Marshmallows
  • Paper cups

Divide your guest into couples.

Each couple is lined up 1 metre apart.

One person in each team then throws a marshmallow aiming for the cup held by their partner. If they catch it they eat the marshmallow. They then move back a metre and see if they can catch the next one.

This continues with couples dropping out when they fail to catch the marshmallow.

A winning couple are eventually found who continue until they miss.

Teenagers Party Games - Pass The Cracker

This is a simple game but people enjoy it.

What you need:

  • Several packets of cheap cream crackers or thin biscuits
  • A wooden clothes peg (the spring type) for each guest

Divide your guests into 2 teams and line them up.

Everyone then puts their peg between their teeth.

The first in each team then places a cracker in the jaws of their peg.

They then turn and pass it to the next person who takes it in their peg.

The trick is co-ordinating the bite and release.

In this way the cracker makes its way to the end of the line where it is dropped on a plate by the last person.

Meanwhile the first person has started another cracker on its way down the line.

The first person in the line is the only one allowed to hold the cracker to start off.

Any dropped crackers are "lost"

The winners are the first team with 20 crackers on their plate at the end.

Games For Teenager Parties

Teenagers Party Games - Balloon Body Builders

What you need:

  • 2 old baggy track suits or sweat pants and tops.
  • A big bag of balloons

Divide your guest into 2 teams and have them select a muscle man for each team.

The chosen 2 then don the track suits.

On the word "Go" each team blows up balloons and inserts as many as possible down the trackie bottoms and shoved up the top.

Tip; Slightly smaller balloons work better.

After a certain amount of time call a halt.

Everyone steps back to admire the muscle bound sports stars.

" Right - Its time to find out who used the most balloons!"

Its now that you reveal a large needle!

Stand the body builders in the middle and pop a balloon in turn on each (through their track suits) counting as you go.

The crowd will enjoy their howls as each balloon is popped!

The winner is the one with the most bangs to their name.

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