Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Turn your celebration from a siesta to a fiesta!
With these brilliant Cinco de Mayo party ideas.

Cinco de Mayo (5th May) is a day when Mexicans celebrate a famous victory over the French army in 1862 at The Battle of Puebla .

Over the years however it has become an important festival and celebration of all things Mexican.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations now take place all around the world, particularly in the United States where many people of Mexican ancestry celebrate their culture and heritage.

Of course it is also a great excuse for a party!!

Your party should be an exuberant celebration of fun and dancing.

Its Fiesta Time!

Cinco de Mayo Pary Ideas - Invitations

Your party invitation should reflect the fun of this great Mexican festival.

So make your invitations big bold and colourful.

Pictures of Cinco De Mayo Paraders or other common Mexican themed pictures are perfect.

For title words how about coming up with a variation on this-

Hey Amigos Forget your siesta!
Its time to fiesta!


You've been round the world
You've tried all the rest
But Mexico's the place
Where they party the best!

Cinco de Mayo Decorations

Your party venue should be decorated loud bright and colourful.

The colours of the Mexican flag are:

Green - White - Red

Use these colours for your streamers balloons and banners

A common feature of Cinco de Mayo celebrations are garlands of paper flowers.

These are easily made in advance by threading coloured circles of tissue onto small pipe cleaners (or food bag twist ties) to make scrunchy little flowers which are then threaded onto strings to make lovely colourful garlands.

Other decorations should include Mexican flags and bunting, pictures of Mexicans in their party finest and maps of Mexico.

Another cute idea is lots of cardboard cut outs of cactus painted green. these can be pinned to walls or standing in large flower pots etc. Cinco de Mayo Decorations No Mexican party is complete without a Pinata - those colourful papier mache creations, hollow in the middle(containing sweets and treats), in the shape of suns, stars or animals. Use a Pinata as a centrepiece for your party venue or table.

Mexican ambiance can be added by playing Mexican mariachi music (cds are easily available). Tip: Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass are a great sounding party band.

At the end of the party what could make better Mexican party favors than small individual cacti in nice little pots.

Cinco de Mayo Food

Mexicans love to eat and there are all sorts of wonderfully tasty Mexican dishes that will be perfect for a fiesta. Check out websites and recipe books for the low down on Mexican cooking.

Particularly easy however and very suitable for Mexican buffets and parties are:

  • Tortilla chips and guacamole
  • Empanadas
  • Quesadillas
  • Chillies rellenos
  • Tacos
  • Fajitas
  • Mexican rice
  • Refried beans
  • Churros

What a tasty list!

For more ideas check out Cinco de Mayo Food Ideas

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas - Costumes

This is really easy. Ladies and girls should traditionally wear white blouses and colourful shawls and Mexican dresses which swirl when dancing. Flowers in the hair look attractive and are a tradition of all good fiestas.

For the men and boys smart black trousers and white shirts are normal.

Cinco de Mayo Games

Many traditional party games can be given a neat twist to turn them into cute Mexican party games.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas - Mexican Jumping Beans

This is like musical bumps or musical statues and is a big hit with younger children.

While music plays the kids have to bounce around like jumping beans. Come on mum and dad join in and show them how it is done!

When the music stops however;

For bumps - everyone drops to the floor. Last one down is out.

For statues - everyone must stand still as stone (or perhaps in the shape of cacti). Any wobbling or giggling and you are out.

With both of these you may not like to be too strict or have people being out. Sometimes its just as nice to have everyone in for as long as possible.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas - Find The Peso's

This is a simple treasure hunt.

In advance hide coins or foil covered chocolate coins around your venue.

Set the kids a time limit to find as much treasure as possible.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas - Sacks and Sombreros

Cinco de Mayo Games

This is a sack race with a difference.

Have your contestants run / hop in sacks to the end of a course where they have to don a sombrero and return still in their sack.

Or how about a 3 legged race in sombreros.

Pair up your contestants and bind one's right leg to the other's left. You can use scarves or strips of material but gaffa or parcel tape works well too.

The pair then have to run to the end put on a sombrero each and return. This is made extra difficult by having 2 sombreros right next to each other.

Get ready with your camera as these races are hilarious and a great photo opportunity.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas - Nosh Those Nacho's Cinco de Mayo Food Pair up your contestants and line them up in front of a table.

Each pair has a bowl of about 15 nachos or tortilla chips and some dip (not a hot one).

Each pair decides who will be the Nosher (eater) and which the Helper. The Helper stands behind and puts their arms under the armpits of the Nosher. The nosher puts their hands back behind the Helper.

The Helper then has to feed the nachos and dip to the Nosher. In theory they should not really be able to see what they are doing making for some messy fun. This does depend on the size of the individuals however and you may like to add blindfolds to the mix!

The first team to clear their bowls wins.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas - Pinatas

Pinatas are brightly coloured papier machee creations in the shape of animals or suns and stars.

They are hollow and contain sweets and other treats. Mexican Party Games They are relatively inexpensive and available from party stores.

It is easy to make your own however by covering a balloon in papier mache.

Fill the balloon with your treats as you inflate it. Include a loop of string (attached to a card on the inside to stop it pulling through) for hanging your pinata.

When the papier mache is dry pop the balloon inside with a pin and decorate your pinata with paint and streamers.

Hang you pinata somewhere safe and have the kids hit it with a stick. Eventually it will burst and the treats spill out. This results in a mad scramble of children keen to pick up as many as possible.

Safety: Keep the other children at a safe distance from the child doing the hitting and beware in particular of backswing and kids letting go of the stick.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas - Mexican Hat Dance

This is a cute little variation on a theme and a great way to end your party.

A whole load of sombreros are arranged in a circle with the children arranged in a circle around them. Each child should be standing behind a hat.

The children close their eyes (parents may like to blindfold their kids so there is no peeping).

Sweets, treats or other Mexican party favors are then slipped under one of the hats.

Music starts and the kids dance around the hats in a circle holding hands.

When the music stops everyone shouts

"Uno - Dos - Tres- Quatro - Cinco!

At Cinco everyone lifts up the hat in front of them.

The lucky child who finds a prize is out and now takes the hat and their treat and sits out.

Another prize is now hidden under one of the hats and the game continues.

The last child is given an extra special prize (providing they do the last dance around the last sombrero on their own).

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