Construction Party

Construction Party Ideas

Give your kids the perfect Builders Birthday Bash
With these great Construction Party Ideas!

Tons of kids, both girls and boys love anything to do with construction and the magical world of the building site.

This is a really common theme for a kids party.

Fortunately its really easy to come up with some good ideas and twist a few common party games to fit.

As the great ideas below show Construction Parties really can be fun and definitely do not have to be a lot of hard work!

Construction Party Invitations

You can always buy party invitations and similar from party supply stores.

For construction parties in particular there are plenty of Bob the Builder bits and bobs available. Though these might now be a bit young for your junior construction crew.

It is great fun and cheaper to make your own.

Here are some ideas:

  • Find a local construction site and photograph your child in a safety helmet holding a "Come to my Construction Party" notice. (Use common sense - do not go anywhere dangerous) Print and use the pictures for your invites
  • Use a Man At Work sign as a design for your invite.
  • Use a brick wall design with a party notice attached to it.
  • Come up with a design based on a hiring notice ie
    Hiring Now
    Builders Wanted
    For Construction Party Fun
    At Ralph's house etc

Construction Party Decorations

Use black and yellow construction tape (available from builders merchants) in place of streamers to show that you are on a construction site.

Traffic cones also make good props (available from hire shops).

Use coloured construction paper to make cut out templates of houses and other building projects. Stick them to the walls.

Use card to make "Men At Work" road signs etc. Put them up around your venue.

Paint and cut out from card extra large tools such as spanners, hammers and saws and hang them around your venue.

Construction Party Costumes

This isn't difficult. A construction party is probably the easiest fancy dress you will ever need to find :
Construction party ideas

  • Work jeans
  • Plaid builder's shirts
  • Boiler suits
  • Tool belts
  • Big builders boots or wellingtons

The other thing every proper builder needs is a safety helmet. You can buy reasonably cheap plastic versions of these at party and toy stores.

Don't forget that grown ups should dress the part too. So all the adult helpers should have a helmet on.
"Yes of course that includes you Grandma!"

Construction Party Games

Many common children's party games can be very easily given a building site twist with a little imagination and bit of preparation.

Builders Buckets
~This game is bucketloads of fun~

What you need:

  • 4 Strong plastic builders buckets (available from builders merchants)
  • A selection of non sharp builders tools one for each child

Divide the kids in to 2 teams. Each team has 2 buckets.

The first child in each team places one foot in each bucket.

They then have to move by lifting the bucket handle and hence each foot in turn.

In a relay they race to the end of the room and back each child returning with a different tool.

The winners are the first team with a full toolkit

Toilet Roll Towers
~How high can you go?~

This is another really simple idea but one that is always quite a hit at construction parties.

Set up the children in pairs with a pile of cheap toilet rolls.

On "Go" start a one minute countdown.

They have to see how tall they can build a tower without it toppling.

If it falls they must quickly start again.

At one minute you shout "Stop".

The winner is the pair of builders with the tallest tower.

The trick is judging whether to risk another roll as you get closer to the minute. They can see how tall others are but will one more take them over the brink...................

A neat variation on this is seeing who can carry the tallest stack of toilet rolls along a course.

~Steady hands needed for this game~

Construction party games

What you need:

  • 2 Small planks
  • Some wooden toy blocks
  • Obstacles and cones to make a course

This is a simple relay race with a difference.

Divide the kids up into 2 teams and within the teams into pairs.

Each team have a plank upon which a small tower of wooden blocks are placed.

The first pair in each team have to carefully carry the plank up and down an obstacle course of your devising. If they cause the blocks to topple they must put the plank down immediately and rebuild the tower before resuming.

When they arrive back at their team the next pair goes and so on.

The first team that has all their construction crew complete the course wins.

You can make the course more or less complicated depending on the age of your kids (or add more blocks for older children). Tapes and ropes to manoeuvre over or under can add to the fun.

Builders Boots
~How far can you bung your boot?~

This game draws its inspiration from that popular event from village fetes Welly Wanging!

Each in turn the children have to see how far they can throw a (kids) wellington boot.

Adjust the throwing line for the age of the child.

Mark the landing spots with little name stickers.

The winner receives the prize of the Golden Builder's Boot Certificate (or at least some chocolate)

If space is limited or you are indoors you could have the kids try to throw the welly into a builder's bucket.

Tug Of War
~ Who are the Strongest Construction Crew on site?~

This may seem a bit ordinary but do include it at your party. Kids really do love it.

All you need is a length of stout rope. Mark the middle with a piece of tape or hankerchief. Draw 2 lines about 1.5m apart on the ground.

Divide your party into 2 reasonably evenly matched teams. Put smaller tuggers closest to the middle.

1 - 2- 3 Heave

The winners are the team who pull the hankerchief over their line.

End Of The Road
~You can't move forward until you build the road!~

You know how sometimes roadworks seem to take forever! This race will see the quickest road building programme you've ever seen!

What you need:

  • A selection of wooden off-cuts or short (30cms) pieces of plank. - Capet tiles or pieces of lino or cardboard can also be used.

Divide the kids into teams and provide each with enough building material for them all to be able to stand on a piece (perhaps somewhat precariously) with one piece spare.

At the command "GO" working as a team they have to lay their pieces in front of them to form a road. But they are not allowed to step off the road they are laying. When they run out of pieces the spare piece is handed forward and laid down and everyone moves forward. The last person then picks up the last piece and it is handed down the team to be laid in the front.

In this way the entire team makes its way along the course building the road as it goes.

The first team to reach the end wins. (In short venues you may like to have the team build their road back again)

There are Construction Party Ideas for younger children in our Toddlers Party Ideas section.

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